How to choose the right canned food for dogs?

Как правильно выбирать консервы для собак

Canned food for dogs differ from each other not only in the design of packaging and the brand of the manufacturer. A more important difference is the composition that influences the usefulness of nutrition.

Choose ingredients

Many nuances in the form of the presence of various additives are difficult to take into account when choosing, so you need to focus on the main criterion - the content of meat. Here everything is relatively simple: no matter how tasty the canned food looked, and how tasty they did not smell, on the bank or on the label there is always a list of ingredients.

Как правильно выбирать консервы для собак In descending order, this list lists all the ingredients. If in the first places you see:

  • meat,
  • Meat processing products,
  • Liver,
  • Evaporated meat or meat-bone meal,

Then before you canned meat type. If the list is headed by various cereals and their derivatives, and only then the meat ingredients are mentioned, then the canned food is a mixture of cereal additives with meat. Therefore, the main advice when choosing canned food for dogs is to carefully study information about their composition.

This is useful not only to get an idea of ​​the nutritional value of the feed, but also to identify those ingredients that your dog has allergies to . If the label indicates that there is meat in the stern, but does not specify which, this indicates a low quality of feed. The source of the meat must be specified.

For example, chicken meat in some dogs causes allergies, and lamb meat, on the contrary, is the most hypoallergenic meat product. Canned meat type more than 90% consist of meat. It remains only to choose the kind of meat that is most like and not contraindicated to your dog. It can be canned meat:

  • Lamb,
  • Chicken,
  • Turkey,
  • Beef,
  • Venison,
  • Rabbits.

You can choose canned food, which includes several types of meat.

Choosing a type of canned food for dogs

Как правильно выбирать консервы для собак Pay attention to what type of canned food: whether they are the basis of a full-fledged diet or serve only as an additive to the usual food. Information on whether these preserves are the main or additional food, also look for on the label. Canned food intended for basic nutrition, have a balanced standard composition. They are suitable for use in the dog's diet every day.

Although experienced breeders do not recommend fully switching to wet dog food . Because of the moisture content, such food loses some of its nutritional value in comparison with dry food, the dog is worse saturated with them. Therefore, it is recommended to include in the diet moist food in a ratio of 1: 1 with dry. There is a type of delicacy and medicinal canned food that can not replace the main diet, but are given only as small additives.

Delicacies are delicacies made from valuable kinds of meat and exotic fruits and berries. For example, canned food from ptarmigan and coconut or from ducks and blueberries. Such canned food is very tasty, but their composition is not balanced, that is, when feeding only delicacy canned food, the balance of nutrients is disturbed. Therefore, they can feed the dog occasionally or adding a small amount of delicacy to the daily diet (no more than 10% of the total daily feed norm).

Preservative canned food is prescribed by a doctor for a particular disease or at a course of rehabilitation after surgery or illness. The dosage of such canned food is strictly calculated, and it can not be exceeded. Do not forget to check the conformity of the product to your dog's age. Choose canned food, taking into account the age features of your pet, and never give a canned dog for adult dogs.

Look at the expiration date Never forget to check the expiration date before buying canned food. If it is already nearing its end, it is better to refrain from buying. Pay attention to the condition of the package. A can of canned goods should not be deformed or swollen, with traces of rust, the label should be easy to read, do not have any rubbing and damage.

The package with canned food must be hermetically sealed, without traces of spills and damage to the package. Given all the above tips, you must choose for your pet suitable for him wet food in the form of canned canned food.


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