What kind of dry food to choose for a pregnant dog?

Сухой корм для беременных собак

A pregnant dog needs a special diet, so that the future puppies develop correctly, and the mother feels well. Almost all brands of dry feed premium and super premium class have special food for pregnant dogs.

These are brands like:

Feature of feed for pregnant dogs

These feeds are distinguished by a special balance of certain ingredients and by all means high quality. Feed for pregnant females has a high nutritional and digestibility. It should help to form the skeleton correctly in puppies, and the bitch should stimulate the formation of milk in the bitch. During the period when the puppies are born, it is very important to feed the dog with fodder with digestible carbohydrates.

A high concentration of protein and a correct balance of amino acids are also needed. At the same time, food for pregnant women should not cause food allergy. In a special diet, be sure to eat meat, beef and poultry. As a source of carbohydrates, rice or barley is often used. A pregnant dog needs fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 and fructo-oligosaccharides, which stimulate the intestinal microflora.

Such food includes flaxseed, useful herbs, and as preservatives, rosemary and natural vitamin E are used. They should be given starting from the fifth week of pregnancy and until the very birth or until the end of the feeding of the puppies. To introduce food, you need to gradually, for five days. That the pregnant dog did not overeat, its daily norm is better divided into three feedings.

Корм Бош (Bosh) для беременных собак

Reviews for dry food for pregnant dogs

Reference number 1

When we took our toy-terrier, we immediately thought about breeding. The dog is from good producers and has enviable data. But the first pregnancy was unsuccessful. Two puppies were born dead. The second time we were especially careful.

We thought it over and asked the veterinarian to give a special feed for pregnant dogs, so that the puppies would receive all the necessary substances. In fact, everything went well. Three handsome men were born and my mother felt well. We fed the kids for up to two months, until we gave them away.

Pavel, Novosibirsk

Reference number 2

I was very happy when I found out that my Matilda (boxer, 2 years old) is waiting for the puppies. But this is such a responsibility and I immediately turned to the veterinarian for advice. Since my girl did not have puppies yet, he advised me to transfer her to a special feed.

We always fed Bosch , because we found from the same company feed for pregnant and nursing. Here Matilda sat on it for half a year. Everything went well. We born a healthy puppy and our girl was very attentive mom. And her food was well supported at a crucial moment.

Maya, Ekaterinburg


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