Dog food, types: medicinal, dry food

It is very important for the dog's health to select the suitable food for her. A feed should be different in a puppy and an adult dog, in an aged or maladjusted pet.

Корм для собак
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Dry food for dogs

Dry food is recognized as a fairly balanced diet, in which all the substances necessary for the body are selected: fats, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. Specially designed storage formulas for such feeds do not contain preservatives, hormones and flavor enhancers and rarely cause food allergy.

There are dog food specially designed for a particular breed, and their composition meets all the special needs of dogs of this particular breed.

Dry food is divided into four classes

  • Economy (economy class)
  • Regular (for regular meals)
  • Premium (premium)
  • Super premium (super premium).

Корм для собак This division is due to the quality of the production of feed and the source of primary raw materials from which it is produced.

Special attention should be paid to dog food premium and super premium, as these are top quality products and most fully meet the requirements of a healthy dog ​​food.

The basis of dry food for premium dogs is beef, lamb or poultry meat. Also, quality cereals and eggs are added to it. In the production of such feed high quality natural products are used, and their selection is carried out with strict consideration of the specific parameters of the dog - its size, age, state of health.

It is important that the feed of this class, unlike cheaper feed, does not contain animal by-products.

Another distinctive quality of food for premium dogs is its economy. The fact is that many years of scientific research, constantly conducted in leading clinics of different countries, allowed to create a balanced food product that allows to significantly reduce the dose when feeding a dog.

Firstly, it is an excellent saving on not so cheap feed. And secondly, getting all the energy-vitamin norms, the dog does not overeat and remains playful and mobile.

The composition of dry food for premium dogs should include no more than 50% of quality cereals and vegetables, and the main ingredient is meat. Although there are special feeds of cereals and vegetables that do not contain meat. They are used as a side dish, supplementing the meat ration.

Like any other dry food, premium can be given to animals, both in dry form and soaking it with drinking water. In addition, you can combine wet and dry food.

Offer a dry premium food can puppy from the first day of his weaning from his mother. Although there are fodders suitable for puppies, whose excommunication from mother's milk took place too early.

Medicinal food for dogs

Are used for special diets for certain diseases. Such a food can become a real salvation in diarrhea, kidney failure and a host of other diseases in the dog.
Dry food super premium class is made only from the highest quality ingredients. For example, meat in it is used only in its pure form, without scraps, heads and other offal. Such food is as close as possible to the natural diet of dogs. Often the products of this class do not contain any crops, as well as artificial preservatives, plant proteins, genetically modified ingredients and, thus, are the safest.

Picking up food to your pet, you need to consider the health of the animal and all the nuances of its breed. It is also important to remember that dry food is not a treat, it's food. Therefore, even if your pet is ready to eat it, any dog ​​can not be overfed. This can lead not only to stomach disorders, but also serious enough diseases with severe consequences.

At the same time, correct consumption norms and optimally selected food will only benefit the dog.


  1. Never feed your dog with dry food. It's just the intrigues of advertisers. On my own experience, alas, I understood. Look for cooking recipes in an Internet


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