Karelian bear - description of the breed

The Karelian bear dog is one of the breeds of Laika. Finns call it quite difficult for the Russian language - Karjarlankarhukoira. In the formation of this breed, the old Finnish breed and descendants of Arkhangelsk hawks, brought by hunters to Karelia, participated.

Karelian bear dog or Karelian bear husky
Photo: Karelian bear

This large Spitz, thanks to a wonderful instinct, is designed to search for the beast. It was brought out in Finland a hundred years ago, but the ancient ancestors of this breed were born in the northern forests even before the man came there. The Karelian bear dog is characterized by courage, some stubbornness and excitability.

On the hunt she maintains close contact with the hunter and does not run away when pursuing the beast. In Finland, she is primarily preyed on wild boars and moose. The bear in Finland became a rarity. For other purposes (watchdog, etc.), this dog is not recommended.

Appearance, size

Карельская медвежья This dog has a strong muscular physique. In males, the height at the withers is 54-60 cm, the bitches are slightly smaller: 48-53 cm. Its weight reaches 23 kg.

Its height is less than the length of the trunk, the musculature is strongly developed on the back and croup. Her fluffy thick tail is rolled up by a steep ring. There are also dogs bobtail (4-5 centimeters) or even tailless dogs. The number of such puppies is 10-15%. The standard is allowed to have a bobtail.

The head has the form of a blunt wedge. Ears are erect, triangular in shape and of medium size with rounded apices. Karelians are characterized by strained and thin lips. Their eyes are small and brown.

Wool has a straight and hard outer hair and a thick fluffy undercoat. Color Karelian bear dog, usually black, matte, preferably with a bronze tint. Often there are sharply delimited white spots on the chest, neck, head, paws and tail tip. The coat on the neck and back is longer.

Let's admit also white color with black marks, in a park or a wolf.


Карельская медвежья In relation to prey, this is a very aggressive dog. She will not allow the departed beast to leave until the host arrives. To unfamiliar people the dog is incredulous and restrained. With her family she is gentle, the owner is devoted.

Representatives of this breed are aggressive towards other dogs and often come into a fight. Therefore, they are hunted alone.

This is the best hunter among the Laikas: the most determined, brave and persistent. This unpretentious and hardy dog, able to work in any weather.

However, her character is not easy, and the difficulties of her content are connected with this. Communicate with the Karelian dog strictly, so that only the owner has the last word.

The dog can not be screamed and punished if her offense is not serious.

Karelian Laika everywhere seeks to take the leading place, inclined to defiant and demonstrative behavior.

It is an independent and independent dog, able to walk away. She does not like to be limited, and for balance she needs a lot of space to run and the opportunity to hunt.

Walking the Karelian dog, it is necessary to keep it on a leash, because it can calmly, forgetting about the owner, recover on the hunt for cats or other animals.

With such a dog will cope only experienced dog breeder, strict and well able to teach teams.

Only consistent training and persistent training help to cope with the hunting instincts of representatives of this breed. However, the severity of treatment with a dog should not go into cruelty, otherwise it will respond with aggression.

Care and maintenance

This dog is kept only in an aviary on the street, preferably outside the city. To care for the coat, a metal comb is needed, which is combed out every day with a dropping wool.

One of the nice features for the owners is that this breed does not have a strong smell and eats quite a bit for its size.


This is usually a very healthy dog, if it has the possibility of long walking and regular hunting. They live up to 10-15 years, and the life expectancy is affected by proper nutrition, necessary care, timely vaccinations and visits to the veterinarian for examination.

Price of the puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles This is a fairly rare and even a specific breed, so its puppies are expensive. The average price for a pedigreed kid is $ 1,300 .

Photo of the Karelian bear


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