Clothing for the Yorkshire terrier, york

Одежда для йоркширских терьеров

Yorkshire Terrier belongs to the breeds of dogs that are suitable for allergy sufferers. His wool is similar in structure to human hair, and the undercoat is missing. But without the undercoat in winter, the dog freezes.

And in the autumn and spring, when the wool can get wet and the dog has a cold, clothes for Yorkshire terriers are also necessary.

And since the hairdress of Yorkers is their particular pride, clothes protect wool and dirt. And the dog does not need to wash after every walk and comb the combs. Also clothes for Yorkshire terriers are mandatory in the post-operative period to protect the pet from street dust.

Yes, and that it is a sin to conceal, a brightly dressed dog attracts the attention of others and some owners turn the selection of clothes into a real hobby. Yorkshire Terrier - an incredibly active breed with a dynamic character, he moves without end, jumps and runs. And clothes for Yorkians should be comfortable for their active lifestyle and do not constrain movements.

Best for walking in the cold season is suitable overalls with a warm lining. But in the hot summer, Yorkes are recommended to walk outdoors in a light-colored silk suit to protect the dog from heat stroke.

The most famous firms producing clothes for Yorkshire terriers

There are many brands that produce dog clothes. For example: "Dobaz", "Is Pet", "Limargi", ForMyDogs, and others. And in the pet store you will be offered not only practical overalls, but also dresses, jackets, coats and even fancy dresses for dogs.

Although some dog breeders prefer to sew their own clothes personally (For more details see the article: Clothes for dogs with their own hands and Knitted clothes for small dogs ). In this case, it should be borne in mind that, ideally, the lining of a warm overall should be made of silk or satin. If the lining is made of cheap lining fabric, the dog's fur will be electrified, and if from a rough fabric (fleece, etc.), then there may appear collapses.

How to choose the right clothes for yorkies?

Before buying clothes for your pet, you need to correctly measure it to choose the right size. To do this, put the dog on a wide curb or table, and measure by the centimeter the length of the back, the girth of the chest and neck. You also need to know the weight. If you already have old clothes, you can measure it or take it with you to the store.

In addition to clothing in the winter for yorkies is actual and shoes . It protects the dog's legs from glasses, sharp ice, mud and salt. To properly choose comfortable shoes, you can simply dip the pet's foot in watercolor paint and leave on paper its imprint. As a rule, yorkies like to dress, they like to look at themselves in the mirror and flirt. And the desire of the owner to put on a new cloth is perceived by her as a manifestation of care. And the dog will respond to you with this caress and love.


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