Japanese pygmy pomeranian

Японский шпиц
Photo: Japanese miniature pomeranian

Japanese Spitz is a breed of miniature decorative dogs that was bred in Japan in the late 19th century. A recognized companion dog. Her ancestor is not exactly known. According to one version - it is Norbotten-Spitz, on the other - Samoyed dog . Outside Japan, the dog is still rare. In Russia for the first time this breed appeared as circus performers.

Standard of breed: height, weight

Japanese Spitz - strong, harmoniously built dogs with a proportional, flexible body. At the withers, they reach 30-40.5 cm, weigh from 5 to 8 kg, or even 10 kg. The head is wide enough with a slightly rounded forehead. Ears are erect, triangular. Muzzle pointed, lush tail set high and tossed on its back.

The coat is white, thick and fluffy. The standard is only white. In this case, the dog has an excellent pigmentation: dark eyes and a bright outline of the eyes and lips. Because of the thick coat, the dog looks much larger than the real size.
The "Japanese" are markedly different dogs of different sexes. Bitches are noticeably smaller in size and clearly "feminine".

Character of the Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz - cheerful and very courageous dogs. They are affectionate and devoted to the owners, they get on well with all members of the family. Spitz is affectionate with the owner, but is distrustful of strangers and, for the slightest reason, hides them.

Японский шпиц фото
Photo: Japanese Spitz

This he is good as a watchman, who in time notifies about the appearance of strangers. However, another name for this breed is known - "the silent Asian Spitz". The dog is so nicknamed for not giving a voice over trifles. Moreover, cowardice and noisiness are considered a serious drawback of the breed. Such dogs are excluded from breeding.

It is a mobile, flexible and strong dog with a cheerful character. They are friendly, charming, like to always be with the host, but unobtrusive. But it is better not to leave the Japanese alone for a long time, from this he can even get sick.

When raising this dog, it is necessary to be persistent, suppressing its desire to dominate. Nevertheless, they are well trained, can participate in agility , are good at exhibitions.

This is a very fast-paced animal, which likes any moving games, including swimming. Japanese Spitz go well with other pets. They are completely deprived of the hunting instinct and are able to be friends even with same-sex dogs and cats.

Maintenance and care

Японский шпиц Keep this dog at home: a city apartment or a country house. At the same time it should be regularly strolled, providing enough space and the opportunity to get rid of excess energy. But they do not need long walks.

It is also necessary to look after the wool of the Japanese spitz: regularly comb it with a special brush. Despite the white color of the dog, it is often not necessary to wash it. Thanks to the special structure, the wool of a spitz does not fall down and dirt does not stick to it.

It is necessary for the Japanese to dry after the dirt and shake off, as he again becomes snow-white. This is possible because the wool has a particularly smooth, polished texture. Only with significant pollution this dog is worth washing, but the less often, the better. Washing such a dog involves the use of only special shampoos for dogs.
Wool does not need to be cut, even for exhibitions. And one more advantage is that it does not have a specific smell. Traditional molt occurs twice a year.

The average life expectancy of representatives of this breed is 11-13 years. This is a fairly healthy breed, unpretentious in food and not susceptible to allergies.

Price of puppies of Japanese Spitz

Price of the breed, cost, rubles Puppies of this rather rare breed in Russia are quite expensive. The price for them starts from 1000 dollars .

Photo of the Japanese Spitz


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