Hypoallergenic breeds of dogs

One of the misconceptions is the belief that an allergy is caused by dog ​​hair. In this regard, some mistakenly believe that short-haired or bare dogs are hypoallergenic.

In fact, an allergic reaction does not occur on the wool, but on the microparticles of the skin, which in the form of dandruff spread throughout the house. Also, an allergy is caused by a tiny mite living in dog hair. These allergens are very volatile. Attaching to small particles of dust, they can stay in the air for a long time, causing sneezing, nasal congestion, red eyes, lacrimation, swelling, dry cough, shortness of breath or choking.

Therefore, allergies can occur on both bare and short-haired dogs. And theoretically, dogs that do not cause allergies at all do not exist.

Most often hypoallergenic breeds of dogs are called, dealing with which the risk of allergies in humans reduces to a minimum.

These rocks less often cause an allergic reaction in humans.

Гипоаллергенные породы собак

Hypoallergenic breeds of dogs: bald

First of all, it's all the same bald breeds . Due to the lack of hair on the animal, less dust accumulates, less it flies and around the house. However, the skin glands of such breeds have a large secretory activity and therefore such dogs should be washed frequently.

The safest of the bald breeds is the American naked terrier - an active medium sized dog. He does not have skin problems characteristic of such breeds.

What other hypoallergenic breeds of dogs?

Also rarer than many other breeds of allergies are woolly dogs: schnauzers and many terriers. They practically do not have a natural molt and with regular trimming the amount of allergen in the house is reduced to a minimum.

Also, people who are prone to allergies may be approached by breeds of dogs with a modified hair follicle. First of all, these are poodles with thick curly hair, which does not have an undercoat. They almost do not shed, but their hair needs regular haircut and thorough care.

Wool, similar to human hair, has Yorkshire terriers . It is silky, soft and delicate and also requires constant care: combing and haircuts. Although if you do not bring a dog to the exhibition, you can short-cut it in the style of a "puppy" and do not comb out constantly confused long hair.

Another breed of this series is bedlington terriers with soft and non-woven fur.

Гипоаллергенные породы собак

There are also breeds related to those who cause a minimal risk of an allergic reaction. These are bishons , Maltese lapdogs , Portuguese water dog , terrier dogs , affen-pincher , bedlington terrier , bolognese , border terrier , welsh terrier , pygmy pomeranian , Chinese crested dog , Coton de Tulear , papillon , bullets , samoyed , Tzu , schnauzers .

In fact, all these are breeds that require regular haircuts and washing. Due to this, the risk of spreading allergen dust in the house is reduced.



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