How to educate and train a French bulldog?

Как воспитывать и дрессировать французского бульдога

It is generally accepted that the breed of a dog influences its intelligence and ability to train. Of course, this statement is difficult to disprove, but nevertheless, the psychology of a specific dog, the experience and patience of the host play a big role in the success of the training.

The French bulldog has a fair amount of stubbornness. This, perhaps, is the only serious obstacle to successful learning. Otherwise, these dogs can not be called incapable of training, they are clever and intelligent. Simply bulldogs do not consider that the purpose of their life is to execute teams, so it's very funny to watch the process of training.

The owner pronounces the command, and the bulldog leisurely, as if weighing all the pros and cons, begins to implement it. Frankly speaking, French bulldogs do not like very much when they are commanded, so not all their owners have the patience to teach them a wide range of teams.

It is important to know before starting the training of the French Bulldog

Как воспитывать и дрессировать французского бульдога Some come easy: they entrust this process to a professional trainer, but here too there is an underwater stone: the smart bulldog performs the commands of the trainer, but with the master at home again relaxes and becomes impenetrable.

Before you start training, watch your French bulldog in order to determine the type of his nervous activity. This is a very important point, on which the approach to the education of the dog depends.

Training French bulldog choleric

For a dog of an excitable type, choleric, it takes intensive work on inhibitory reflexes and development of general aging. In working with the French choleric one should avoid distractions, which for a long time lead the dog out of balance, and the alternations of excitation and inhibition. For example, the commands "Aport!" And "Fu!" Should not go immediately after each other.

For dogs of an excitable type, the game does not fit in the quality of training, they will not learn anything in the gaming atmosphere. They need to be placed within the discipline, treat them smoothly and calmly, without raising their voice, without applying strong stimuli to fix the reflexes. Encouragement and prohibition should be clearly delineated.

Movements of the trainer must be slow and calm. With French bulldog choleric success largely depends on the regularity and continuity of classes, which ideally should be held every day.

Training French bulldog phlegmatic

Как воспитывать и дрессировать французского бульдога In a completely different way, it is necessary to educate and train French bulldog phlegmatic people. Coercion and prohibition should not be given in too harsh a form, they must be relaxed. Overloading such a dog with commands and feeding a large number of strong stimuli can cause a braking reaction when the dog simply refuses to perform any commands.

The extreme form of such a reaction is the situation when the dog lies on his back and freezes, saying all his appearance: "Do whatever you want, I will not move from the spot!" In this case, there is no sense in continuing training. In working with such dogs, the trainer needs softness, attention, tact and experience. It is necessary to monitor the mood of the dog and its reaction to coercion.

To interest the French phlegmatic in training helps to set before him easy tasks and increased encouragement after each successfully completed task. This form of training disinhibits the dog. It should be noted that among the French bulldogs there are a lot of phlegmatic dogs. This type of dog is better to train on its own, because they react very painfully to transferring them to other hands, even for a while.

It is difficult for an unfamiliar trainer to establish contact with them. At the same time, an interesting observation was made that phlegmaticians are better suited to training in a pair with choleric, especially in puppyhood.

Training of French bulldogs sanguine and melancholic

Как воспитывать и дрессировать французского бульдога Opposites for their abilities to train among dogs are sanguine and melancholic. French sanguine students can be taught practically by any method, they quickly understand what is required of them. Adequately respond to coercion, do not slow down and are not distracted by external stimuli.

Such dogs can be trained easily and quickly, and with them you can go through a variety of special courses for dogs besides the basic training course. But not all French bulldogs are of this complaisant type, we can say that such obedient and problem-free bulldogs are more like an exception to the rules.

The most difficult type of nervous activity is melancholic. He does not like everything, he always has sadness and longing, is it here before performing any commands there. It is very difficult to interest such a dog in training, the chance of success is only if the bulldog is very much attached to his master. Then he will perform commands for his praise and encouragement.

But again, it is very difficult to predict a melancholic, even a small drizzling rain can repel the desire to carry out commands from him. Despite belonging to a certain type of nervous activity, the basic set of commands can be taught to any dog.

When to start raising a French bulldog puppy?

Begin to engage with the puppy from about 2 months of age, and he will gradually begin to understand what the command "Place!", "To me!", "To sit!" Means. By the way, the French do not like to bark and do it only when necessary, so training the team "Voice!" Many owners of this breed consider it unnecessary. For more information on teaching teams, click here .


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