How to name a French bulldog?

Как назвать французского бульдога

Choosing a nickname for a French bulldog is an exciting creative process that will bring you much joy and enrich your horizons. Often, when in search of the original nickname the owner of a small treasure shovels a mountain of literature and gets to know the history and culture of France.

The logical decision is to choose a name for the French, reminiscent of the country of its origin.

Tips for choosing a name for the French Bulldog

  1. Choose beautiful noble names for your pedigree pet. Beetle, Bimka and Druzhok are lovely names, but they are associated with a mongrel origin.
  2. Let the French sound a short name, consisting of a maximum of two syllables. If you like long ornate nicknames, then they should still have euphonic cuts.
  3. Do not call the dog a human name on the Russian origin. So you will avoid various embarrassments: for example, you will call your bulldog Zhorikom, and then you will have a young man with the same name. Although this prohibition does not apply to foreign names. Many Frenchmen are nicknamed Jean, Jacques, Henri, Margot, Sophie.
  4. Avoid names that look absurd. For example, the nicknames Djulbars, Mukhtar or Groza for a small bulldog will sound ridiculous and cause general perplexity.
  5. In pursuit of originality, do not overdo it. Sometimes owners give their pets so strange nicknames that it's hard to guess that this is the dog's nickname.
  6. If you choose the name of a foreign value, you must know its meaning. For example, Chinese or Japanese names may sound beautiful, but their translation will be completely unsuitable for the dog's nickname and you will have a Ringing Pan or High Hill in your house.

Nicknames for the French Bulldog boys

Как назвать французского бульдога You can choose a name for the Frenchman, armed with an encyclopaedic dictionary. This useful book will tell you a lot of interesting non-lost ideas. You can call a dog in honor of a geographical object or a figure of France. Bulldogs named Provence, Paris, Dumas, Napoleon, Danton, Voltaire will always be in the spotlight.

You can choose as a name a sonorous French word, the translation of which will reflect the character or appearance of your French bulldog. The choice of nicknames, which echo with foreign names, is huge:

  • Alex,
  • Barney,
  • Giovanni,
  • Dave,
  • Gerald,
  • Gaston,
  • Clyde,
  • Conrad,
  • Leo,
  • Louis,
  • Martin,
  • Oliver,
  • Simon,
  • Thomas,
  • Felix,
  • Fabien,
  • Francois,
  • Chuck,
  • Etienne.

Some owners believe in signs and call a dog in honor of the money sign, attracting in the house thus a flow of money energy. A French bulldog named Frank or Bucks will probably be happy. Bulldog can be called a majestic name: Triumph, Prestige, Vivat, Respect.

Although the size of the dog is small, but his appearance is very impressive and worthy of such serious names. Some owners prefer to reflect in the nickname of a dog not her appearance or character, but her preferences and hobbies. But be careful, sometimes French bulldogs with "talking" names Jackpot, Spleen, Rum are able to talk too much about your hobbies.

Nicknames for the French bulldog girls

For Frenchwomen the choice of beautiful names is huge:

  • Aurora,
  • Assol,
  • Barbie,
  • Burma,
  • Bonnie,
  • Vespa,
  • Gressy,
  • Dora,
  • Jessie,
  • Josette,
  • Carmen,
  • Cleopatra,
  • Olssey,
  • Ofpi,
  • Polly,
  • Petra,
  • Tessie,
  • Holly,
  • Zillah,
  • Cherry,
  • Emily,
  • Eliza,
  • Helen,
  • Yuna.

Как назвать французского бульдога In nurseries, it is customary to give nicknames consisting of several words, if earlier they were combinations of several names of own ones, for example, Gabriella Martin Esther, now they prefer to give so-called Indian names: Laura Thonkaya Talia or Silva Daring Happiness.

The fantasy of breeders in this matter is boundless and surprising in its scope. When you buy a small boulevard with that name, you have the right to leave it for everyday life or choose another, simpler, and the chic name will be displayed in the pedigree. Although the French bulldog - a decorative breed , but still it's a bulldog, so calling your toothy beauty just Juju will not be quite right.

Let it be Antoinette or Josephine, Medea or Adele. Catherine or Brigitte. In any case, the greatness and beauty of the name does not interfere with the peculiar appearance of the Frenchwoman. You can emphasize the predilection of your pet for treats with the names Pizza, Plyushka, Iriska, Cherry, Sardelia.

Some prefer the "home" nicknames: Busya, Kroshka, Kusya, Pusya, Dosya, Paw. People with a sense of humor call their dog Chanel, Bomb, Bullet, Rocket. Usually when you see the lovely face of a French bulldog, the name comes to your mind, but if you are still confused and can not choose a suitable name for a few days, entrust the choice to the dog.

You can arrange a fun game by writing various variants of nicknames on cards and spreading them around the dog. A card that will interest your pet will resolve your doubts in favor of one of the names.


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