Smooth or coarse fox terrier? Whom to choose?

Какого фокстерьера выбрать?

Smooth-haired or coarse-haired fox terrier ... It's difficult to choose, because each breed has its own charm. On the one hand, we see elegance, subtlety, perhaps even a little snobbery.

It seems that the fox terrier with smooth hair knows that it was a gentleman's dog and today has a slightly haughty look and expression of "exiled king".

On the other hand, one of the nicest muzzles of the dog world looks at us. A little philosopher, a little clown. The coarse fox terrier sparkle with joy - this is undoubtedly one of the reasons that determined its success. At the beginning of the twentieth century, much attention was paid to caring for the dog. And since then they began to consider it a matter of honor to put dogs with well-groomed appearance on the ring.

New technologies made the hairless fox terriers more pleasant in appearance and at the same time encouraged many to grow them for the sake of demonstrating beauty. Not nature "carved" these dogs - it is the person who must be able to make out of the ridiculous hairwool of an elegant fox terrier. This work, which consists in plucking out dead hair, requires a lot of experience and it is better to contact specialists. Especially when it comes to preparing a dog for an exhibition.

Гладкошерстный и жесткошерстный фокстерьер

A thorough toilet requires professional tools, but above all - deft and confident hands. The need to pluck a dog's hair on one side causes great inconvenience, but on the other, when extra hair is removed - the kind of dog ready to enter the ring pleases the eye.

Of course, with a smooth-haired fox terrier, there are fewer problems, because its skin does not need to be plucked. But we will not allow ourselves to be deceived, dogs still do not have such an appearance from nature, as on the podium. The contestants shave their ass, lower part of the tail, chest and lower region of the neck. Then, with the help of scissors, the borders of shaved places are trimmed with untouched ones. As for dogs, which we choose "for the company", they do not need such aesthetic changes.


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