Karelo-Finnish Laika - a description of the breed of Finnish Spitz, characteristics, care, character, training and photo

Learn about the temperament, standard and characteristics of the Karelo-Finnish Laika. Look at what she likes, her description, character traits, molting and behavior. Look at the photo of the Karelo-Finnish Laika.

Karelo-Finnish Laika
Photo: Karelo-Finnish Laika

Karelo-Finnish Laika (Finnish Spitz)

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Security features
The size
Attitudes towards children

Карело-финская лайка (финский шпиц), описание породы, характеристики, уход, характер, дрессировка, фото карело-финской лайки Karelo-Finnish Laika (also known as Finnish Spitz) refers to the breeds of hunting dogs. Its origin is derived from the dogs of the Suomi people (Finns), who lived in small communities in the forests and traded in hunting and fishing. However, with the advent of other breeds, the Karelo-Finnish Laika began to disappear and survived only in the northern regions of Finland, Lapland and Karelia. Thanks to the efforts of two Scandinavian foresters, Hugo R. Sandberg and Hugo Rosa, this valuable breed still managed to be preserved.

Karelo-Finnish Laika is a cute, cheerful medium-sized dog with a fiery reddish thick hair and pointed ears. Its tail is fluffy, famously twisted upwards from the very base. Wool of medium length, dense, protruding, undercoat is soft and dense. This coat protects the dog safely in any weather, and it is practically not afraid of the cold. At the same time, the owner of special care for her hair is not required.

Karelo-Finnish Laika is well adapted for living in an apartment. However, its owner needs to remember that this is a very moving and temperamental dog, just created for movement. Therefore, it is necessary to make long walks with it.

While your Karelo-Finnish Laika is still a puppy , do not let her play in a company superior to her in strength dogs: Rottweilers , German Shepherds and similar breeds. Aggressiveness of such dogs can for a long time repel her desire to contact with relatives.

If you want to grow a hunter, then it's important to start the dressing on the beast in time - from 4-5 months. Of course, every dog ​​has its own individuality, but at this age it is necessary to at least introduce it to the beast. It is also useful from an early age to give a pet sniffing different skins - squirrels, raccoons, foxes, so that the puppy learns to distinguish the smell of the beast. If you hunt with great interruptions, then in the intervals, do not let the dog get bored, often take her to the pick-up stations, so that even at this time she would train and realize her natural abilities.

By the way, in Finland this breed is very appreciated for its strong and beautiful voice, which it gives during the hunt.

The size

The height at the withers of Finnish Laika is considered ideal for males 47 centimeters, for bitches 42 centimeters. Deviation of 3 centimeters is allowed, both in the large and the lower side. Weight: for males 12-13 kilograms, for bitches 7-10 kilograms.


Red all shades.


Brave, independent, balanced. Has an excellent memory


Karelo-Finnish Laika (Finnish Spitz ) is very clean and has excellent health. Will become a good hunter, watchman and companion. But due to the fact that her temper is at least friendly, but independent, it's not easy to train her.


The dog has practically no specific smell, its wool has a natural sheen. It looses this husk twice a year, without any special care, except combing and removing old wool. Karelo-Finnish Laika is washed 1-2 times a year.

Photo of the breed Karelo-Finnish Laika


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