Call of the Ancestors (review and reviews of the film)

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  • Year of release: 1997
  • The original name: The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon
  • Genre: adventure, drama
  • Director: Peter Svatek
  • Actors: Rutger Hauer, Bronwyn Booth, Charles Edwin Powell, Burke Lawrence, Luke Morissette
  • Length of the film: 01h. 31min.

Review of the movie Call of the Ancestors

Rating of viewers :
IMDb: 6.5
CinemaSearch.Ru: 7.69

"The Call of the Wild" was filmed by Canadian filmmakers in 1997. It is based on several stories of Jack London - a true romance of the wild north of America and an animal lover.

The film takes place in those years of the 19 century, when all of Alaska and in particular - Klondike absorbed gold rush. Adventurers and all sorts of hunters of values ​​came to these places.

On the struggle of man for gold, that is, the hope for a comfortable existence, many films have been shot. And only one tells about the dogs that helped, and, at times, played a crucial role in the lives of these people. They drove and carried the goods in such conditions, where even stronger animals did not survive. And the dogs were always there and not just for food.

"Call of the Ancestors" - this is the story of a dog named Buck, whose life flows in a harness in a daily direction from one point to another in order to get the coveted piece of meat in the evening. Buck is the head of the team, in which, along with other dogs, he carries a variety of people. Dogs pass from hand to hand, they are sold, driven to death and kept on a starvation ration. The tank also had to freeze from hunger and fatigue in the snow or be killed by a cruel master. If the dog was not rescued by the new owner, John Thornton.

John cured the dying dog and in return received the most faithful friend. True, freed from the harness, Buck sometimes hears the call of his ancestors. These hungry wolves howl uncomfortably at night. And Baka terribly disturbs their howling. Sometimes he is ready to leave his beloved master to become free. The dog constantly struggles between love for the owner and the call of blood. And, of course, at the most crucial moment the dog can not abandon its owner, who is in trouble.

He can not abandon even the dead master, mourning him in his own way.

And only after finally realizing the loss of the only friend Buck goes to where his name is ancestors, not yet detached from nature.

And for years, among the Indians of Alaska, there were legends about a strange brown wolf, especially cunning and clever. He knew how to take the sheep and deceive people. And among the forest wolves began to come across individuals with a strange color: a brown patch on the head, a white patch on the chest. Like Buck's.

Perhaps it is difficult to find a film that conveys the meaning of friendship between a person and a dog so well. And the most beautiful pictures of the nature of Alaska, where real bears and wolves roam, very few people will remain indifferent.


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