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  • Year of release on screens: 2009
  • Original title: Hachi: A Dog's Tale
  • Genre: drama, family
  • Director: Lasse Hallstrom
  • Actors: Richard Gere, Joan Allen, Sarah Remer, Carey-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Jason Alexander
  • Length of the film: 01h. 29min.

See the description and the photo of the breed of the dog that appeared in the film: Akita-inu

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Rating of viewers :
IMDb: 8.2
Search Movies: 8.48

Review of the film Hachiko: The most loyal friend

The film "Hatiko - The Story of a Dog" (in the original - Hachiko: A Dog's Story) was filmed in 2009 on the basis of real events.

In fact, this story occurred a hundred years ago in Japan. Found a puppy, a dog of the Akita Inu breed named Khatiko, met his master every day after working at the station.

But one day a tragedy occurred: the owner of the dog suddenly died. Nevertheless, the dog every day for nine years at the same time came to the station and met all the trains in which his friend could come.

During these years, Hachiko became a local attraction of the station. He was recognized, protected, respected by his devotion.

The theme of true devotion is not alien to the Japanese and in the memory of the faithful Khatiko they placed a monument on the very spot where the dog spent so many years in anticipation.

Of course, this is not the only story of dog fidelity known to mankind. Although it was this story that inspired more than one film. For the first time it was filmed in 1987 by the Japanese. It is said that the Russian book " White Bim Black Ear " was written based on this story. Although, could not this happen in Russia?

This film can not be seen without tears. His plot is unpretentious in order to give vent to feelings and as deeply as possible to realize such a thing as dog fidelity. It becomes clear that for the sake of bone or any other food the dog will not wait many years for the owner to arrive. The devotion of dogs to the man to the end is not even clear to us. Because we do not know this feeling.

Of course, this film is not about a dog, but about people. Thanks to the dog eyes, who do not know the doubts and stubbornly looking in the direction from where her person always came, the audience will know more about themselves. They will learn what pain is not from fear, but from compassion. And this is a special, rare kind of pain that is resolved by tears of purification. And after tears a smile appears. Because it becomes clear that all this is not a fiction of filmmakers. This devotion is always near us, in our own house or in the neighboring courtyard. And it can always be close, it is enough just to warm and shelter a small fluffy ball found on the street. This is the kind of good deed that always returns a thousandfold.

Especially I want to note the music for the film, which perfectly expresses the whole rainbow of feelings.

In modern cinema, overloaded with horrors and blood, such a film is rare. There is not one negative character in it, not one negative word or deed. There is no cruelty and no evil. There are only dog ​​eyes directed to where the friend should come from. For more information about the film and breed of dogs, see Akita Inu in the article - Breed Hachiko


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