White Bim Black Ear (Review and reviews)

Белый Бим - Черное Ухо
  • Year of release: 1977
  • Original title: White Bim Black Ear
  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Stanislav Rostotsky
  • Actors: Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Valentina Vladimirova
  • Length of the film: 03h. 03min.

See the description and photos of the breed of the dog that appeared in the film: The Scottish Setter

Trailer and review of the film White Bim Black Ear

Rating of viewers :
IMDb: 8.3
MoviesSearch.Ru: 8.3

There are films that affect the very depths of our souls, forcing us to become better and brighter, to do good to others, without demanding anything in return. Such films look on one breath. The viewer forgets about the outside world, and for a long time after watching the film he is impressed by what he has seen, thinks about his life, learns useful and wise lessons. One such film is the film "White Bim Black Ear".

Beam is born not like everyone else, with a defect in color, which determines his future destiny. Having come to the kind and lonely Ivan Ivanovich, Bim finds a real master, learns what love and friendship are, warmth and affection. But Ivan Ivanovich is taken to the hospital, and Beam remains.

The dog is waiting for its owner, trying to find it losing its last strength, to an extreme degree of fatigue, freezes in a blizzard, survives in what does not become and leaves no hope, so strong is its love and devotion. Bima comes across people, bad and good, people who are ready to help and people who, because of their inner poverty and rottenness, are ready to just offend a defenseless animal. Bim can not live without his master and begins his quest, searching for a long life ...

White Bim Black Ear The film shows images and characters that are timeless. Even today we can see heroes of the film "White Bim - Black Ear" in our neighbors, familiar, in passers-by on the street, for whom all the kindness that a dog carries with it is a real test of character and soul. And I want to believe that such as Ivan Ivanovich, Dasha, Tolik, will be more after watching the film.

The game of the most important actor of the film - the dog is amazing. Kind and devoted eyes, which so accurately express all the feelings of Beam.

Throughout the film, we are shown a sad, in some places cruel, story of the devotion and love of the dog to its master. The picture is very realistic and vital. At present it is difficult to find at least one such film of Russian cinema. It is a tremendous responsibility to lay down on the director, holding the spectator in suspense the whole film, giving him hope of a happy ending and at the last moment - taking this hope.

The history of the White Bima Black Ear teaches viewers not to remain soulless to other people's problems, to help everyone, as possible, to show kindness and mercy. This is especially important for our smaller brothers, for those who have tamed us, and who can so easily make us unhappy, because we are forever responsible for them ...



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