Best movies about dogs: a list, reviews and reviews

Фильмы про собак, список

Why are movies about dogs so interesting? Maybe because the dogs do not care about seven-digit fees? They are in every step, in every movement of the ear - real. They do not need to pretend to properly please the audience.

Dogs behave naturally, and this touches us to the core. And as a payment, they have a big sweet bones and approval.

Today it is difficult to accurately calculate how many movies there are about dogs - there are a lot of them. For every taste, whatever you want. Artistic, historical, documentary ... Fantasy or just a good fairy tale. It is safe to say that there is a film about a dog that was created specifically for you.

Фильмы про собак. Movies about dogs do not have age limits for viewing. They are interesting for kids and adults alike. Everyone will have fun. If you want to have a good time with your family, then films about dogs are a great idea. Sit comfortably in front of the TV, you will receive a weekly dose of positive emotions in two hours, as well as a lot of topics for talking with your loved ones.

What can be useful watching movies about dogs?

Speaking of movies about dogs, one should note one very important detail. When the children look at them, they become kind to the lesser brothers. It's no secret that small children are very inquisitive. For example, they are very interested in what will happen if the dog pulls the tail or throw a stone at it. Dogs love children, but this attitude sometimes causes them not very good feelings.

Watching movies about dogs will save both those and others, from undesirable consequences. The film about dogs will clearly demonstrate to your kids how much dogs can be kind, gentle and affectionate. How fun to play and walk with them. It's no wonder why most children are asked for as a gift, a doggie. (For this topic, read the article: A dog for a child )

Needless to say, along with all the positive qualities, films about dogs also have healing properties? First, they help to get out of depression. Secondly, prolong life, since it is impossible to watch them without a smile. Thirdly, they have a beneficial effect on the inner world.

With movies about dogs, you no longer have to think for hours about what to choose for viewing. They are interesting to watch at any time of the day, alone or with friends. If there are no films about dogs in your library, promptly correct the situation - you miss a lot ...

To make it easier for you to choose a picture of the soul with the participation of four-legged actors, read below reviews on films about dogs. Come in this section often - the list of films will be constantly updated.

List of the best movies about dogs

If you are on our site, then you are interested in everything related to our four-legged pets and you probably like watching movies about dogs. To help you find the most interesting films, we have compiled a list of the most top-rated ones. These films have passed the test of time, and although some of them are more than 30 years old, they are still of interest to the modern spectator, because the problems that are touched upon in these works are eternal: love, friendship, good, evil, betrayal, endless loyalty ...

And yet, all these film stories are remarkable for the magnificent work of four-footed actors. And everything from the fact that dogs do not play - they live in their roles.

We bring to your attention the list of the most interesting films about dogs according to

Domestic movies about dogs

Russian cinematography does not often please viewers with films about our younger brothers, but among them periodically there are landmark works for all times and peoples.

Border Dog Scarlet

Фильм пограничный пес Алый

Service on the frontier of the recruit Alexei Koshkin begins with the fact that he gets a puppy for education. Borderline everyday life, training and care for the dog, interesting adventures and much more - all in this interesting picture.

White Bim Black Ear

Фильм Белый Бим - Черное Ухо

Over this film, millions of Soviet spectators cried. According to a survey of readers of the magazine "Soviet Screen" the picture was the best film of the USSR in 1977 (15th place in the box office, 23.2 million viewers). But in our time, the movie's message has not lost its relevance and will be of interest to a wide range of film-lovers.

The puppy of the Scottish Setter was born with a defect. Instead of the put black color, it was born white with red spots. Despite these pedigree deficiencies, Bima was acquired by a writer, who loves hunting and nature, front-line Ivan Ivanovich.

But one day, the wounds of the war made themselves felt. A living writer is taken to hospital with an attack. As a result of a combination of circumstances and slander, Beam is on the street. He changed several owners and it seems that the cherished goal is already close, but unfortunately along with kind people he meets and heartless ...

To me, Mukhtar

Фильм ко мне, Мухтар

A film in 1964, in which the main role was played by Yuri Nikulin.

The mistress refused the dog, leaving her in the train car. The dog finds and recruits a police officer Glazychev.

Gradually from the disobedient ward, Mukhtar becomes a well-trained dog, indispensable in the search and capture of criminals.

Salted Dog


Comedy film-drama, filmed in 1973. Starring Vladimir Menshov, Tatiana Shestakova, director Nikolai Koshelev. The picture tells of the adventures of a dog named "Salty".

After the mongrel became more respectful, the owner decided to get rid of both her and the puppies. But one red-haired puppy survived, who, crossing the bay, found himself in a crowded city. Soon the puppy met the sailor Martiamov from the ship "Alexei Tolstoy", who decided to take the puppy on a voyage.

Faithful Ruslan (history of the guard dog)


The film was shot in 1992 by Ukrainian cinematographers based on the same name of the Russian writer Georgy Vladimirov.

The narrative in the film is written on behalf of the German shepherd named Ruslan, who was able to guard the prisoners in Stalin's camps. But the "Khrushchev thaw" comes, camps are closed, and from camp dogs, which suddenly become unnecessary, order to get rid of. But the owner Ruslan can not do it - he lets the dog on all four sides.

Movies about dogs for children and their parents



Marmadyuk is a German mastiff, whom, despite all his tricks, the owners just love. The family moves to another place of residence and they have to deal with new neighbors who are not at all delighted with the violent temperament of their caudate neighbor.

101 Dalmatians


An amusing and fascinating film tells about the friendship of people and different animals and their confrontation with the insidious villain who has plans to sew a fur coat from the furs of Dalmatian puppies.


Фильм This film can be attributed to the genre - the "fantastic comedy" of Scooby-Doo (a breed - a German dog) with a group of guys investigating various mystical and supernatural phenomena.


Фильм A kind and cheerful film about the adventures of the giant St. Bernard nicknamed Beethoven and the opposition of its owners, the Newton family, the cunning plans of the evil vet who wants to use the dog in his criminal investigations.

King of the Air

Фильм Buddy, a golden retriever, was not lucky - he has an evil master. But one day the dog was completely tired of enduring the mockery of the owner of the tyrant. Buddy decides to escape. On the way, he meets 11-year-old John, who just raves about basketball. The boy takes the dog to himself. As that time, playing basketball, John discovers a golden retriever's amazing abilities. A dog with ease basketball stars throws the balls into the basket. From this moment, Buddy becomes a happy talisman of the basketball team, in which John performs. All would be well, but only the previous owner, having learned about the amazing abilities of the dog, wants to return the golden retriever back.


Фильм про собаку And in this film for children, it is told about a Labrador puppy, nicknamed Napoleon. The action takes place in Australia. Once a naughty kid runs away from home. He is met by an amazing world of prairies and awaits fascinating and sometimes dangerous adventures. And yet after a while the dog finds the way home. At the same time, having spent a considerable time away from home, he became much more mature, independent and cleverer.


Фильм The owners of two dogs (Golden Retriever and Pointer), and cats named Stacey were forced to leave for a while and leave their pets with other people. Days passed, but the hosts did not exist. Pets began to worry and suspect not good. One day they decide to go in search.

Snow Five

Фильм Christmas movies are especially popular with viewers. And if this is still a film about dogs, then success is guaranteed. This lovely Christmas story tells about the fascinating adventures in Alaska of five puppies (Siberian husky and golden retrievers). If you are true friends, then nothing is impossible.

Funny movies about dogs

K9: Dog work

Фильм This comedy about dogs, filmed in 1989 is still considered one of the best in this genre.

To police Michael (James Belushi) the heads orders to take in companions a dog (the German sheep-dog). Working in the anti-drug department in itself involves many different problems, and then the new ward of Michael is not very educated and with a hard character and regularly adds to the police headache.

There are a lot of comical scenes in the film. And even watching the movie 5 times or more, you still laugh the fragment when the dog climbs into bed under the blanket, where Michael sleeps with his girlfriend.

Step by step the policeman and his faithful friend begin to understand each other better and better, and as a result, the dog becomes an indispensable assistant to Michael.

Cats against dogs

Фильм In this entertaining and cheerful film the creators managed to combine a family comedy and a spy thriller. The action takes place from the moment when a gang of cats is kidnapped by a dog named Buddy. In the course of the action, it turns out that cats and dogs have long been competing for power in the world. A parallel with Lukyanenko and his "patrols" suggests itself. In this case, cats are, as it were, the forces of evil, and dogs on the contrary act as "light forces". The film is full of funny scenes and interesting story transitions.

Hotel for dogs

Фильм Brother and sister - teenagers open a shelter for stray dogs. While the animals are located in comfort and warmth, the guys are looking for new owners. The film features such breeds as: French Bulldog, Shetland , Husky , Bordeaux Dog, Yorkshire Terrier, German Shepherd, Labrador and many others.

Snow Dogs

Фильм A young American named Teddy, who has a good and highly paid work as a dentist in the clinic, is quite happy with life. But suddenly he receives a message stating that his real parents are not what they brought up. In fact, the real mother died and left Teddy an inheritance. It consists of a house in Alaska and a team of sled dogs (husky, Alaskan malamutes)

Teddy is deeply shocked and wants to know everything about his real parents. He decides to completely change his life and go to Alaska. There he encounters all the "charms" of northern life: the frosty frosts and nudges of locals who perceive him as a stranger. In addition, he can not get along with the leader of the dog team (the Siberian husky named Daimon). But in the end, as well as it is necessary in kind films of children, all comes to the end safely. Teddy not only becomes a real leader for his dogs, but also finds his love.

Turner and Hooch

Фильм And again a policeman and a dog. At the scene of the crime, Scott Turner finds the abandoned dog (Bordeaux dog named Hutch). Scot (one of the first roles of Tom Hanks) is a very sensible and correct policeman dealing with his complete opposite. The dog not only causes confusion in the house of Scot, but throughout his life.

However, thanks to his pet, Scot has to change and become more cheerful and understand that life should be looked at easier.

Baby from Beverly Hills

Фильм The English version of the film is notable for the fact that four-legged characters are voiced by the world famous tenor Placido Domingo and actress Drew Barimore.

But the American version of the film is more famous. It tells about the spoiled chihuahua Chloe, which is suddenly threatened by great danger. Overnight, she loses her usual comfort and she needs to immediately flee from the organizer of dog fights and his feisty Doberman. But to help her come true friends - a former police dog and another chihuahua Pappy, in love with Chloe.

Zeus and Roxanne

Фильм Зевс и Роксана Sparkling comedy, in which the main actors are not only people and dogs, but also dolphins! Single father Terry with his son and a dog named Zeus come to the resort to rest. In the neighborhood lives a single mother Mary with two of her daughters. Mary works at the dolphin study center.

Gradually, Terry has a friendly relationship with Mary, and Zeus with the dolphin Roxana.

After the holiday, the Teri family returns home. But the misfortune of Zeus runs back to Mary and Roxane. This forces Teri and his son in search of a dog again to go to the coast.


Although all these films we have classified as "sad", but they have enough funny episodes that will not just make you smile.

Hachiko - the most loyal friend (also called - the history of Hachiko)

Фильм This real story took place in Japan in the 1920s. Hachiko, a dog breed - akita-inu, is a real cult in Japan. Dozens of monuments are installed throughout the country, and the statuettes of the dog are usually given for significant events. Lovers consider it a rule to meet for the rule of appointing their rendezvous near the monument of Khatiko. This symbolizes boundless loyalty and devotion. Be sure to watch this movie. He will not leave anyone indifferent.

Marley and I

Фильм This picture tells about the life of the couple, as well as their Labrador Marley. The film shows a fairly long period of time. From the moment of the first steps of a funny puppy and before he grows up and goes out of life. The events in the life of the family are changing in their own way and just Marley remains the one thanks to whom this family remains friendly and happy.

White captivity

Фильм A film about the dogs of the Husky breed, which people, being in desperate situation, had to leave some in the harsh conditions of the Arctic. Dogs are doomed to destruction, but the thirst for life is stronger than anything in the world. The struggle for survival does not stop for a minute. A sad, and at times tragic picture, will affect even the most hardened cynic.


Фильм A young businessman named Tom dies in a car accident. But his soul does not die, but passes into the body of a young puppy. And Tom in the guise of a dog is in his old family - to his wife and child. Looking at his family and relationships in it, Tom-Fluke has to look at his past life from the other side.

Old movies about dogs

4 tankmen and a dog

Фильм This black-and-white, Polish, multi-series film (21 series), shot in the mid-1960s, became so fond of Soviet TV viewers that to this day many people consider it to be a domestic film. At the head of the plot, the military life of the crew of the T34 tank during the liberation of Poland from the fascists is shown. Four comrades, and in the crew were two Poles, Russian and Georgian, as well as their faithful dog Sharik throughout the series with savvy and humorous come out of various difficult situations.

White Fang

Фильм This film is actually about a wolf, who has been tamed by a man. But since the dogs originated from the wolves, we also put it on our list. Probably not everyone knows that there is a domestic version of this film, which dates back to 1946 godom.Philm shot on the famous work of the same name, Jack London. A story about a real friendship between a wolf and a man. Kindness made the most faithful and reliable friend out of the half-wild beast.

Animated films about dogs


Мультфильм Full-length animated film filmed in 1995. His producer was the famous Steven Spielberg. The basis of the cartoon is based on real events. The sledge dog Balto had to deliver the serum to save the children in a small town in Alaska. About 966 km, overcoming storms and snowstorms brave Balto was forced to pass to deliver a saving medicine.

101 Dalmatians

Мультфильм Yes, at first there was a cartoon film and only then a famous film was shot on its basis. The plot is no different from the film, so we will not retell it again.


Translator from the dog with Caesar Milan

Документальный фильм Perhaps the most famous cycle of documentary films with an American trainer, which in each series, which lasts about 40 minutes, decides together with the owners of the problem of their pets

Introduction to dog studies (101 dogs)

Введение в собаковедение Introductions to dog studies (101 dogs) are documentary films (about 20 episodes) dedicated to various breeds of dogs. In each series, 4-5 breeds are considered, in relation to which experts give important recommendations for care, training, feeding


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