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Sled dogs call such breeds, which are used by man as a draft force for transporting people and cargo. So some dogs use about eight thousand years. Both poles of our planet in the early 20th century were conquered by dog ​​sleds.
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Siberian husky

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Siberian husky

This breed was brought out by the Chukchi, when they had a need to expand hunting territories. Then I needed a hardy dog ​​to carry loads.

Siberian Husky is one of the most hardy dogs. In a harness with a heavy load, the huskies are able to escape the whole day without a single stop.

In doing so, it is smart, courageous, balanced. People are very good-natured, they say that the Chukchi used husks to warm children in the plague. This is an excellent pet that perfectly copes with work in the arctic desert.

These dogs are intended to pull the team in the company of their tribesmen and therefore in the conditions of apartment maintenance they are bored without the company and they are sorely lacking in physical activity.

The Husky has a unique metabolism, they can work long and hard almost without food. In addition, in its feed should be an increased protein content - at least 70%. These dogs do not smell or bark, but they can howl alone.

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Alaskan Malamute

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Alaskan Malamute

This is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, deduced in Alaska by the Eskimos specifically for work in harness.

Like the husky, Alaskan malamutes do not know how to bark. They seem to be grumbling. This is a very mobile, but good-natured and intelligent dog. She gets along very well with people, but she can not obey. Therefore, it can be obstinate and claim leadership positions. Malamute needs to be educated from an early age to give a clear idea of ​​"who's the boss in the house."

Malamute needs long and frequent walks. If you keep it on the backyard, you should remember that this dog is very fond of digging pits. This is due to the fact that malamutes in nature obtained their livelihood, digging out various rodents from the ground.

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Norwegian sports mestizo

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Norwegian sports mestizo

This breed was brought out by the cynologist Niels Andreas Hansen in the late 80s specifically for riding. As a basis, he took not standard, but larger German Kurzhaar and knitted them with the best Greyhounds of Scandinavia. The grown puppies developed very high speed, but they lacked endurance. Then the blood of the sports Kurzhaar and the Métis were called "greysters". True, they were aggressive towards other dogs.

And then the greysters began to knit with Italian pointer. It turned out a powerful dog, capable of pulling a skier or a gun, not aggressive and very fast - the Norwegian sports mestizo. They are used in biking and ski jorings.

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This is a new unique breed, derived as a result of crossing the German shepherd and wolf. Several years ago, in the hunters, scientists took the wolf Naidu and crossed it with a dog. The puppies were surprised by the scientists. Outwardly they are very similar to a wolf: gray color, with large fangs and fried sides. However, the character they received was dog-like and in a friendliness almost does not differ from the shepherds.

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Samoyed Laika (Samoyed)

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Samoyed or Samoyed Laika

This breed in the tundra was brought up by nomadic Samoyed tribes. They used dogs as sledges, as well as to look after the herds of deer and patrol service.

These dogs are like white cubs and have excellent endurance. During the conquest of the South Pole, the team of Samoyeds in the snow transported the luggage one and a half times more than the weight of the dogs themselves.

Samoyeds are faithful and very reliable, they perfectly guard their master. At the same time, these dogs are very sociable, but they do not impose themselves, patiently expecting attention to themselves. They easily adapt to heat and cold. It is necessary to take care of their hair daily.

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Chukchi Sled Dog

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The Chukchi Sledge

As the name implies, this breed was bred in Chukotka. It is unpretentious in content and adapted to the harsh climate of the Arctic. Dogs quickly and easily learn, permanently retain skills and possess high driving qualities. There are also advantages in comparison with many other driving breeds. So the Chukchi sled has an energetically favorable protein-fatty type of metabolism (like the Husky), phenomenal performance and endurance.

The rock genofund is very stable due to the presence of numerous subpopulations, sufficiently isolated from each other.

Chukchi sled dogs are still used by the population of the north of Russia, as an indispensable vehicle in those conditions. Also, the breed is promising in sports, especially at extra long distances.

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