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Эрдельтерьер Airedale terrier is considered to be "king of terriers" and has all the typical characteristics of terriers. Airedale terrier - ✅ energetic, ✅ curious, moderately evil dog. See the description of the breed and photos, its characteristics, rules of care, training. Learn more about the dog's temperament.


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Temperament and characteristics

Эрдельтерьер фото и описание Airedale terrier is rightly considered the "king of terriers" and has all the typical characteristics of terriers. Airedale Terrier - energetic, curious, frantic and moderately evil dog. Their ability to learn is amazing. Talented in different fields Airedale terriers serve both in the army and in the white house. It's a pleasure to watch them run and play. They can cheer, they can be good guards. Airedale terriers are the largest of terriers. They weigh about 27-30 kilograms. Terriers were taken out for hunting for animals running along the ground. The Latin word "terror" is in the name of the terriers. The Airedale terriers justify their name. They are tireless hunters on any terrain. The versatility of the airels attracted the attention of the British army.

During the First World War, they bravely served as messengers, delivering mail to the destination. In the 20 years of the last century the Airedale terriers were the most popular breed in America. They got to the White House, being part of the family of President Harding. Airedale Terrier named "Lady" had her own chair for meetings at the highest level. Nowadays the Airedale terriers are still considered to be courageous, versatile dogs that have preserved the traits inherent in their ancestors. Initially the Airedale terriers were bred to bite the prey, so they have the biggest teeth of the terriers.

Although they are not aggressive by nature, know that the Airedale puppies are indefatigable creatures. They are taken literally in all places. Airedale terriers are incredibly clever. Very quickly grasp what they are taught. For this reason, they quickly get bored. Airedale terriers can be taught to do any work. If you like jogging or cycling, the airedale terriers will be ideal companions for you because they love to run.

They get on well with the children, but they are big and overactive dogs that like to get bored. They can accidentally harm a small child, so breeders do not recommend keeping them in a house where there are small children.

The owners of the Airedale terriers need to be very considerate of their health, as they will never show that they feel pain somewhere.

Adult dogs need an intensive walk twice a day for at least 20 minutes. They are very fond of running without a leash. If you lower the Airedale from the leash, make sure that he listens well to your teams. Because like all the terriers, they will hunt for small animals.

Whether you live in a city or in a village, the airedale terriers adapt to any environment.

The size

The average height at the withers of adult airedale terrier is 58-61 cm in males and 56-59 cm in females. Weight 20-30 kilograms.

Training of the breed airedale terrier

When training the Airedale, more often use praise rather than punishment. Airedale terrier is easy to train and learn new commands quickly enough.


Airedale terrier almost never sheds. In fact, you will never find his wool in the house of this breed of dog .


The Airedale terrier has a unique two-layered coat. They must be combed manually to remove old wool. For dogs that do not participate in exhibitions, this should be done twice a year. For Airedale terriers participating in demonstration events, this should be done more often. The upper hard layer covers the soft undercoat. Both grow like hair. In fact, removing long wool allows you to create new hair bags.


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