Fencing wars, the dog barks at other dogs


Quite a frequent occurrence - when dogs bark at each other through a fence. If the dog has this behavior become a habit, any fence for the owner is a source of anxiety and risk of "dog hysteria."

Why does the dog bark at other dogs?

Barrier, and the precise impossibility of overcoming it, causes dogs a feeling of irritation, uncertainty and frustration, and consequently, an adrenaline rush. The dog's behavior can become noisy and aggressive. And this aggression is directed at everything that is on the other side of the fence. Such violent behavior in the fence is often a habit among dogs.

How to fight, what to do when a dog barks at other dogs?

  1. Start a special "fence" training at once, as soon as you notice that the dog began to show curiosity to the fence and the dogs behind it. To begin with, stand away from the fence and beckon to yourself when showing interest in the fence. Did your team - praise.
  2. If, during your walk with the dog, a neighbor's dog has suddenly started screaming, and you know for sure that now and yours is rushing to dog talks in high tones - immediately beckon to yourself, switching the dog's attention to obedience to the master. The goal is to train you to pay attention to yourself, and not to the fence and the dog behind it.
  3. Put on a leash for complete control of the situation. Be close to adjusting the behavior of the dog to ensure the safety of others. To loosen a leash or completely to release it is possible after complete obedience while passing along a fence.


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