Mondioring for dogs: rules of competition

Мондьоринг для собак

Competition Mondiorior

Cynological federations of different countries have their own ideas about the training of dogs for the performance of a protective service. Kinologists have concepts - the French ring, the Russian ring, the Belgian ring . But it is quite difficult to compare achievements of different schools among themselves. The way out of this difficult situation was Mondyoring, that is, the World Ring , where the standards are presented, allowing to hold competitions between representatives of different schools.

The developers of mondyoring combined the most effective and spectacular elements of the protective kind of dog training from different cynological schools. Here are presented various distracting factors and difficult situations in which the dog should protect the owner, using the developed skills.

However, this is not just a show: the results of painstaking work are presented to the competitions, since it is very difficult to prepare a fearless defender.

Rules of the mondyoring of the competition

Мондьоринг правила соревнования The program of mondyorigna consists of the sequential execution of exercises of various kinds. There are no breaks for the participants of the competitions. Depending on the level of the dog's skill, the duration of performance can vary from 20 to 45 minutes.

The program includes : obedience, jumping and defense. The main thing that a dog should demonstrate is the ability to react adequately to a changing situation and the willingness to protect the owner in any situation. When performing standard commands I apply additional factors of pressure on the animal. So, for example, to make a grip, the dog can be forced to walk through a stream of water or a filled ditch.

Complicating factors and additional security items are not reported in advance, so the surprise factor works for both the pet and its owner.

Мондьоринг правила соревнования

The order of the exercises during the competition determines the lot. All participants go through the stages in the same order. Safety of dogs during the competition is of great importance. In addition to the conductor (master) and the dog in the exercise of the exercises involved figurant (striker). The figure is not allowed to beat the dog and use small arms against it. Items that can touch a dog during exercise are strictly regulated.

Mondyoring allows you to avoid the filmmakers of different countries templates in the training of dogs and prepare them for various surprises. This sport is gaining popularity, attracting more participants each year. The spectacularity and eccentricity of the competitions allows them to occupy a special niche in cynological sports.


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