Why do you need socialization of the dog?

Социализация собак

The ideal dog always behaves adequately. She does not bark at passers-by, do not bite at a veterinarian's reception, do not shake with fear from the sounds of firecrackers or car sirens. She is absolutely calm and confident in the forest and on the busy sidewalk, in the park and the "multibuck" exhibition.

The perfect dog does not growl at any children, on foreign territory it is indifferent to strangers and not aggressively vigilant on native "square meters". The owner obeys him unquestioningly and respects all family members. There can be no question that he growls, guarding his bowl at home.

To raise such a dog, it needs to be socialized on time.

What is the socialization of a dog?

Socialization is the training of a dog to identify, recognize and remember possible social partners and interact with them correctly. Absence or incorrect socialization develops the dog's alertness towards people and animals and causes difficulties in managing the dog.

Для чего нужна социализация собак In puppyhood, the animal's nervous system undergoes maturation with the active influence of the external environment. The dog needs active sensory stimulation with smells, noise, taste and visual stimuli, changing environment and environment. Without this, the process of the formation of the nervous system is disrupted, and, accordingly, the behavior, development of the organism is inhibited.

Syndromes of a cottage or apartment dog and their socialization

Recently, it is fashionable to breed thoroughbred dogs in country houses, where they freely run through the territory and communicate with the owner and family. On its territory such a dog behaves adequately, but it is worth taking it out to the "light", how it becomes uncertain and shy.

For the socialization of a cottage dog, it should be taken more often with oneself on trips, walking in crowded places, going out to exhibitions, even as a spectator. If the animal is nervous, you need to calm down, caress and continue your walk.

  • In an unfamiliar place you can take your favorite dog toy or a treat, invite a neighbor with a friend or friend of your dog.
  • Be calm and confident, its appearance showing that the new environment is perfectly normal. Gradually the puppy will understand that what is happening around is not dangerous. For correct behavior, you should encourage with delicacy.

Socialization of apartment dogs

They also socialize apartment dogs, regardless of the breed. Although most often socialization requires small breeds. Hosts accustom them to the cat's tray and in Социализация квартирных собак The result allows themselves to walk less often, waiting for good weather. The dog sits at home and "wilds up", serious misalignments are observed in her behavior, the psyche of the puppy develops in a detrimental form.

Such dogs are more likely to fall under cars, get lost on the street, eat other dogs or bark and bite people themselves. It is hysterical barking without reason - a visiting card of the dog with "apartment syndrome".

To avoid these problems, you need to gradually socialize the dog from puppyhood.

  • While the puppy is only being vaccinated - on the street it can be carried out on the hands and walking where there are no other dogs. He will get used to the city noise.
  • A teenager needs to be acquainted with the maximum number of city sounds: to drive by car, in a bus, train, regularly walk along busy streets, walk on the platform at the railway station. Be sure to visit a veterinarian and a hairdresser. Change the routes of walks more often.
  • When the dog is worried, you need to be encouraged by a calm voice, stroking and feeding. When aggression, you need to pull the dog, but with a completely calm voice.
  • The dog should be indifferent to the runners in the park, to the cyclist and to the noisy children playing.
  • Be sure to go to dog shows and various exhibitions.


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