What if the dog does not obey?

Собака не слушается

If the dog does not obey the master, then the root of the problem must be sought in the actions of the master. And most often - just in his inaction.

That the puppy was obedient it is necessary to educate it regularly and diligently. First of all, he must well understand that in the "flock" in which he lives there is only one leader - this is his master. And this leader sets clear rules.

There is a need for constant training, not only at home, but also on the street, during walks and on special sites. And, do not rely only on the trainer, when training the basic obedience commands, the dog should obey the master, not the cynologist . Otherwise, the dog will not understand why it should perform commands for the host.

Что делать,  если собака не слушается

The main command to ban unwanted action is the team "Fu". It's the only one that must be pronounced sharply and rigidly, and most importantly - at the very moment when the puppy is caught red-handed. If he fouls before, to punish him there is no sense, he will not understand why.

Important rules of upbringing, if the dog does not listen to the owner

  • If the puppy bites during the game , you need to immediately stop playing with him and leave. By doing this every time you bite, the puppy will understand why he is losing his game and will become more accurate.
  • It is important when raising a dog to always prohibit the same unseemly acts. If you ignore them from time to time, the dog will understand that she has behavioral options. And this is fundamentally not true. The animal must know for sure that if something is "impossible", then this is always and without exception.
  • With any disobedience to the dog, the owner must analyze his behavior, and not punish the dog. Penalties will not do anything, but will only cause stress and confusion in the dog.

All problems in the behavior of dogs begin with trifles, which the owners often simply do not notice. The dog ignored the call of the owner for a walk or did not want to jump off the couch. This may not seem to be significant, but in fact it is an indicator of the problem.

But when it starts to seriously interfere you will have to deal with the re-education of the animal hard and long. It is impossible to fix undesirable behavior of a dog. So, if she barked at a neighbor, do not stroke her on the head, praising him as a good watchman. Soon the dog will turn into a real aggressor and will rush on all passers-by.

The owner of the dog should always be for her the leader: a powerful and clearly observing hierarchy. For this, never and under no circumstances should the dog be allowed what the leader can: lie on his bed, and especially on the pillow, eat his food, etc. And it is necessary to give the animal enough physical exertion so that he does not have temptation Spill it out in the apartment.


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