How to teach a dog to give a paw?

Как научить собаку давать лапу

The command: "Give a paw" is not just learning a funny trick. This skill is useful when the dog will need to wash his paws after walking, cut his claws or inspect the wound .

In addition, this is a command of obedience, which teaches the animal to concentrate on the owner and his commands. Therefore, they teach her one of the first. Yes, and 4-5 month old puppy quickly master this task. There are several ways to teach this team a dog and you can try all of them until you get the desired result.

The 1st method of training the team "Give a paw!"

The first way a dog is taught is using a treat. Pets sit in front of him and show their favorite food in a fist. The puppy tries to get it with his nose, and then with his paw. Then you need to command: "Give me a paw" and take a paw in your hand. It does not need to be raised high, so as not to scare the puppy. Then they praise him and give him a treat.

Обучаем собаку давать лапу

2nd method

In the second way, the dog is placed in front of him and given a command: "Give a paw." After that, the paw is taken into your hand and raised to the level of the shoulder. After that, the dog should be praised and give it a treat.

Method 3

In the third way, the dog is also planted in front of it, so that it easily reaches the owner. She is given the command "Give a paw" and lightly with the fingers of her left hand raise the dog's paw and direct it to her right hand. This is done as if the dog put its own paw in the palm of a man.

This exercise is best done when the first previous methods have already been made and the pup is already roughly imagining what is required of him. After the dog's paw was in the right hand of the owner, the puppy should be praised and treated with a delicacy .

Important rules in teaching the team "Give a paw!"

  • All three exercises need to be repeated several times a day, but not for long, but with obligatory breaks.
  • It is best to do this during games, so that he always has a positive reaction to the team. The dog must develop a habit that as soon as she hears the command, she stretches out her paw. When this team is performed brilliantly, the task of the puppy can be complicated.
  • After he gave his paw on the team, it must be lowered and commanded: "Another paw." And start doing the same exercises with the other paw.
  • In time, you can simply show or touch the desired paw lightly with your hand.
  • For proper performance, you should always praise and encourage the puppy.
  • As a result, the dog must give the second paw without the command, and after the first one is released.
  • Over time, food is given to the dog less and less, so that the team is well performed for one praise.



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