Is it possible and necessary to use a strict dog collar with spikes (parfors) for dog training?

Строгий ошейник (парфорс) для собаки

First of all, let's define what is called a strict collar or parafford. This is a metal or leather, rigidly fixed or tightened collar for dogs with spines directed towards the neck of the animal.

How does a slider or paraffinus work? When pulling or snatching spikes, they dig into the neck of the dog, thereby creating a painful effect, depending on the strength of the sharpness and length of the spines. How does the dog react when subjected to a strict collar? Terminates the behavior that previously demonstrated, continues to behave, panics, displays aggression.

Нужен ли для собак строгач (строгий ошейник)?

All these options are possible and depend on the degree of impact and ability to use such a collar. So, why should a dog have a strict collar or a planer? We answer directly - she does not need it. At all! Parfors is needed by a trainer or master to correct the animal's behavior . And only for correction!

To teach a dog something with the help of thorns is possible, but think about it, do not you string the first-grader with a belt so that he learns to read? Parfors is a delicate instrument, and think about it several times before putting it on your dog!

The basic rules of using a strict collar (parfors)

  • Never wear or force a dog to wear a planer instead of a normal collar. The dog, accustomed to the pain, will ignore it.
  • After putting on a strict collar, give the dog a treat , otherwise the dog has only heard that you get parfors will try to hide or worse - it can manifest aggression.
  • Stroking does not run freely around the neck. He puts on strictly under the throat of a dog and is fixed with a carbine.
  • Effects of paraffin should be strictly dose. For a sensitive dog and a slight jerk may be excessive. Therefore, deal with the dog under the guidance of an experienced and qualified instructor.

Nowadays, there are many ways to correct behavior and parfors are far from the only one. Before you buy a collar with thorns, look into your dog's eyes and think, have you tried everything and do you need a planer?


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