What do the terms OKD, ZKS and UGS mean in cynology?


OKD and ZKS are standard courses, which are taught absolutely on any training ground. Although now there are other courses, both more complex and simpler.

For example, in cities for dogs of unofficial breeds, the UGS course "Managed City Dog" is now popular, which is a lighter version of the OKD with the unnecessary habits of a normal domestic animal being thrown out (such as jumping over barriers). The course of UGS is recommended to pass to all dogs, up to that terrier and pug.

OKD is exactly what every dog should know. From the early months of thoroughbred puppies are prepared for OKD (the general course of training) . It belongs to the Russian sport. Amendments to the program of passing the OKD have not been significant for a long time. OKD differs strict rules to the trainer.

This course belongs to the national kinds of training, competitions are held rarely. This training helps in working with the animal both in everyday life and when passing the exam, it is a basic training. In most of the OKD offers work with any kind of dog.

The duration of the course depends both on the preliminary preparedness of the dogs, and on the quantity and quality of the skills necessary for the dog. Accordingly, the methods of training are called basic. They determine the tendency of a dog to a particular service.

Main features of OKD (general training course)

Защитно-караульная служба (ЗКС)

  1. The minimum admissible age for passing the standard according to the General Course of Training is 12 months.
  2. On OKD skills are checked: - general impression (it is estimated during the whole test); - movement of the dog next to the trainer (checked during the test); - showing the bite in the dog and the attitude to the muzzle; - landing, laying, dog stand (checked in the complex); - approach to the trainer, return to the place; - submission of the subject; - cessation of undesirable actions; - Overcoming obstacles: athletics barrier, blind fence or trench (it is allowed to overcome an inclined wall, a height of 1.6 m and a width of 1.5 m), a through staircase and a boom. - attitude to the shot.
  3. Endurance in the dog for the skills of "place" and "attitude to the muzzle" to 30 seconds, for the rest to 15 seconds. The excerpt is counted from the moment the dog performs the command given to it.
  4. Testing skills on tests is carried out in any sequence except for those that are checked simultaneously or in a complex.

What does ZKS include?

Protective-guard duty (ZKS), as well as the course of general training, refers to the domestic types of training. The ZKS gained its development from the military directions of training in the twentieth century.

It should be noted that in modern conditions in the law enforcement structures of Russia, based on the skills of the ZKS, search dogs, sentries, guardians, guards are being trained. This course is called a special training course and includes a more extensive training program in accordance with the specialization and further application of the dog.


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