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Each owner certainly wants to have an educated dog that must be able to behave in society, clearly and correctly execute the team, but it does not lose its individuality. The ideal relationship between the trainer and the dog is complete mutual understanding. Dogs by nature are able to perfectly understand a person, and the owner needs to learn to understand the dog. The dog has his own world, his ideas about the surrounding reality and his view of man.

что делать с непослушной собакой

What to do with a naughty dog?

The guests have come to you, and your dog behaves in the most improper way. He barks, stands on the guests with his front paws, tries to attract attention, puts his slobbery head on the knees of your friends. What to do, and how to wean the dog from such unpleasant behavior?

с чего начинать дрессировку щенка

How to start training puppy and dog?

If you allowed yourself to have a dog, you need to be prepared for a radical change in the way you live. It depends on you what it will be, when next to you will be, there is always a four-footed friend.

правильное воспитание собаки

What is the correct upbringing and socialization of the dog?

Marina since childhood dreamed of a big dog, with which you can fearlessly walk the streets at any time of the day. After all, a big, formidable dog is a real protector! When the opportunity appeared, the girl started a boxer.

Can I correct the behavior of dogs with drugs?

According to statistics, behavioral problems (aggression, phobias, disobedience) are twice as likely to cause the death of dogs, rather than oncological diseases.

Как отучить щенка кусаться

How to wean a puppy to bite?

All puppies bite each other during the game. Going to the place of residence to the new owner, the kid continues to play as well.

Собака лает дома

How to disaccustom a dog to bark at home? Advices of dog handlers

Lai for a dog is a natural manifestation of feelings. Therefore, it is not easy to disaccustom it, but it is necessary, at least for the duration of the animal's stay in the house.

Собака не слушается

What if the dog does not obey?

If the dog does not obey the master, then the root of the problem must be sought in the actions of the master. And most often - just in his inaction.

Как научить собаку давать лапу

How to teach a dog to give a paw?

Learn more how to properly teach a dog to give a paw. Recommendations of experienced dog handlers
Строгий ошейник (парфорс) для собаки

Is it possible and necessary to use a strict dog collar with spikes (parfors) for dog training?

First of all, let's define what is called a strict collar or parafford. This is a metal or leather, rigidly fixed or tightened collar for dogs with spines directed towards the neck of the animal.


What do the terms OKD, ZKS and UGS mean in cynology?

OKD and ZKS are standard courses, which are taught absolutely on any training ground. Although now there are other courses, both more complex and simpler.

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