Description of Dobermann and character

Доберман. Описание породы, характер

Magnanimous, majestic, proud - all this immediately comes to mind, when mentioned from the Doberman. This is what he seems to us.

But he is not just a beautiful dog. Behind his delightful grace is the mind and soul. And now we will try to prove it to you. About Dobermans goes a lot of myths and fables. We will make clear from the very beginning. In all these bikes there is not a drop of truth.

Doberman is not aggressive and does not like to bite . Nor is reality that, as if at the age of seven, he is going crazy. This is an old tale, over which most laugh at merit. But now they began to argue again on this topic. Doberman is just a dog for protection. However, now dogs for protection and protection are the object of anger of many people and if this goes on, people will start to fear dogs more than wolves. Why is this happening? Why did dogs of balanced and reliable breeds become enemies of the dog-hating? Why does the hatred become more and more?

Доберман, Характер добермана Now we will try to answer these questions. A true Doberman is not what he is. At least not only this. Here's how you can use dogs of this breed: obedient and compliant, able to learn any service, because they have an athletic build and a lively mind. The ability to protect and protect is just their natural property that a person can control.

But the Doberman, if he had a choice, would like to be not a killer dog, not a means for war, but an object for tenderness. This is the main thing you need to know about Doberman. The second important fact: pure breed dogs, absolutely anybody, is a product of careful selection, the purpose of which is to preserve and, if possible, improve the typical psychophysical characteristics of the dobarman. For several years opponents of the Doberman have insisted that this dog was created in the laboratory by people, and not by nature.

This is a ridiculous accusation. You might think that Doberman is the creation of Dr. Frankenstein. Of course, it is true that it is not created naturally by nature. But nature did not create a livretki, no German shepherd , no cocker spaniel , no Labrador . Nature created the wolf, and the dog - the creation of man. We made the dog a pet. For centuries we adapted it to our needs, giving it different forms, by engendering different habits, character traits.

Характеристики, параметры добермана Breeding was and remains a painstaking business, long and jeweled, requiring constant monitoring by the person. Otherwise, very quickly everything would be back to square one. Left to themselves, dogs of any breed would return to the primitive state during the life of several generations.

If people need fast machines, the industry creates them. Aggressive and biting Dobermans are grown, because there is a demand for aggressive and biting Dobermans. But we must remember that these are not true Dobermans. Sometimes evil dogs are a product of random matings, without breeding, that is, without controlling the breed of dogs from the side of a person. In others, no doubt the worst cases, angry dogs are a product that is intentionally mishandled incorrectly. In the hands of any dog ​​breeder, individuals of increased aggressiveness can be caught.

The aggressiveness of Dobermann

They are in any breed. Aggressiveness , in itself, is not at all a defect. This is a normal character trait, both animal and human. The dog, devoid of aggressiveness, could not protect its owner, could not help the police or the anti-drug service. And in nature it could not survive without being able to hunt, to get food. Hence, aggression is normal and necessary. It is dangerous only if it is excessive.

That's why every serious conscious breeder checks the character of his dogs and excludes them from being too aggressive. While a merchant who thinks only of profit, deliberately produces evil dogs, because they are in demand. However, these people, deprived of conscience do not deserve the title of dog breeders. Let them even have heaps of dog show prizes. As for their clients who try to get an evil dog at any cost, they do not even deserve the title of civilized people . They're just stupid. After all, they deprive themselves of the pleasure of quietly walking with the dog. They do not understand that it is not necessary to have a beast at home for protection.

Be careful. When we talk about training, we do not mean only working out, obedience, dexterity, ability to protect. As already mentioned, Doberman loves to play. This will allow him to excel in the finest disciplines.

Доберман, Характер добермана
Photo: Doberman

Dobermans are very fond of agility (agility). This is a popular sport now - running with an obstacle for dogs, almost like in equestrian sport. Agility is not only entertainment for dogs and their owners, but also an excellent way to correct dogs that are problematic. We recommend this sport to the owners, whose dogs cause them anxiety.

Another wonderful sport is still little known. This is a fly bol. The dog must overcome 4 small barriers, grab the ball, which she herself for them threw through a special mechanism and return to the owner in the shortest possible time. This is a time competition. Agility and fly ball - that's not all. Gradually develop new, little-known dog sports and Doberman can succeed in them.

The character of Dobermann

We talked about how the Doberman should not be. Let's say, finally, about what its essence is. Again, this is a very sensitive dog. Perhaps the most sensitive of all. Therefore, she senses any shade of the master's mood and behaves appropriately.

If the Doberman is nervous and irritable, his master, too, as a rule, does not find peace with himself. Doberman, also very mobile, full of joy of life, hardworking. Therefore, his bipedal friend, should not keep him on a leash in the garden, but work with him, allowing him to show his best qualities. Training dobermann, and it is mandatory for him, should be conducted in the form of a game. The only weapon useful in this matter is the ball. To get the ball in the form of a reward, the Doberman is capable of anything. As already mentioned, the dog is more powerful than what the bitch is. But he is at heart deep in his heart and eager to learn. To achieve good results, strive to understand and use his temper. Nevertheless, from the very childhood let him understand that the conductor of the orchestra is after all you. We have not yet mentioned the most important feature of the character of this dog, which needs to be paid much attention.

The Doberman falls madly in love with his master and is ready to do anything to please him. That's why the Doberman can become dangerous in bad hands. What the master requires is sacred to him. However, this can not be called cruelty. This is a manifestation of love. An animal, with good reason, can be called a bipedal creature, which deliberately grows a malevolent dog. If you need a dog for protection, for sports or just for a good pastime - Doberman is for you.

This clever, courageous and energetic dog will make you a great friend. This is not a terrible monster, but not a stone statue. This is a dog. Like all dogs, he has a heart and mind. To the Doberman showed himself from the best side, he needs a master who can use his heart and mind.


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