Decorative Dog Breeds

Decorative breeds of dogs are a conditional group. Many of these dogs are both hunting and service at the same time. In general, the breeds of dogs are described as decorative, which are kept only as pets, without using for other purposes: protection, hunting, etc. The main purpose of the establishment of such a dog - that there was always not a big devoted friend, a beautiful, funny and cheerful companion.

Декоративные породы собак
Photo: Decorative dog breeds

Why do you need decorative dogs (indoor)

  1. These dogs are considered an ornament of the interior of the house and even an expensive accessory , but they are dogs, which should have a full life. The breeding of decorative dogs was more frequent by the usual miniaturization of large breeds. So the lioness is a little hound that has kept all the hunting habits. These are poodles, toy-terriers, spitz.
  2. Also there are very ancient breeds, deduced exclusively for the decoration of human life . These are the Japanese Hin, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua.
  3. Often, a decorative dog is the only acceptable option for keeping in a city apartment . They are also good because such a baby as a cat can be accustomed to a toilet in the tray. Although in a walk in the fresh air and in the activity they still need.

Care for decorative dogs

Despite the fact that small dogs make the impression of an amusing toy, they require careful care. Many of them have a very gentle build and wool without an undercoat, which must be constantly combed.

Often babies are capricious in eating. But in this, as a rule, it is not the dogs that are to blame but the owners who are spoiling them. There is even such a thing as the syndrome of a small dog, which is often affected by the owners of decorative dogs. It consists that the owner perceives a dog not as an animal, a predator, but as a pupa. And spoils, playing as a child. A dog responds with adequate actions: she is given a delicious piece, she will wait for the same, starving for at least a week. She is allowed to bite guests by the feet, and she will continue to do so.

Therefore, despite the size and amusing appearance, dogs of ornamental breeds need exactly the same upbringing as the German shepherd dog or the dog. Spoiled "kid" often becomes a real "room terrorist."

Popular decorative rocks

There are more than forty decorative rocks. The most numerous among them are poodles .

1. The Poodle

It was a hunting breed of dogs that retrieved game from the water. They are considered the most intelligent and easily trained. Not for nothing in the circus is most often poodles. And from long curls you can make bright hairstyles.

Now there are four main types of poodle : toy-poodle, dwarfish, small and large. The great poodle was considered a service dog even for one time, but he did not have enough malice.

Wool poodles need a regular haircut, because it does not shed.

2. Bulldogs

Very popular bulldogs. A funny creature was bred in England in the 16th century for bullying bulls. Now this is an affectionate and calm dog. But he will be able to stand up for himself and protect his master.

The French Bulldog is an independent breed, more cheerful and active than the "Englishman".

3. Terriers

There are many decorative terriers. Now in a special fashion Yorkshire terrier with chic hair. His ancestors were sky-terriers and Maltese lapdog .

4. Spitz

Spitzes , similar to small cubs, are relatives of Laika. Even the tiniest spitz is a sensitive watchman.

See the alphabetical list of decorative dog breeds

  1. Australian Silky Terrier
  2. Alaskan Kli-kai
  3. American Cocker Spaniel
  4. Affenpinscher
  5. Beaver Yorkshire Terrier
  6. Bichon Frize
  7. Bolognese
  8. Boston Terrier
  9. Brussels Griffon
  10. West Highland White Terrier
  11. Havana Bichon
  12. Yorkshire Terrier
  13. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  14. Miniature Pinscher
  15. Chinese Crested Dog
  16. Papillon (Papillon)
  17. Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Naked Dog)
  18. Maltese
  19. Pug
  20. Pekingese
  21. Pomeranian Spitz
  22. Petit-Brabanson
  23. Poodle
  24. Russian toy terrier
  25. Culichem Terrier
  26. French Bulldog
  27. Chow Chow
  28. Chihuahua
  29. Sheltie
  30. Shih Tzu
  31. Japanese Hin
  32. Japanese Spitz


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