How to choose a Dalmatian?

Как выбрать далматинца (далматина)

Treat your pet carefully. For any breed of dog is by no means an advantage the fact that it is in vogue.

And the fashion for the Dalmatians is now. After the release of the Hollywood picture "101 Dalmatians" the demand for this breed of dogs has grown several times. As soon as there is an increased demand for puppies, there are many amateur dog breeders or worse, so-called wild importers who offer second-class puppies, often at first-class prices.

It is especially risky to buy cheap puppies exported from poor countries, for example, from the countries of the East. Such puppies are not only not beautiful, they are weak and often sick because of the terrible conditions in which they were during prolonged transportation. Often they die a few days after their acquisition.

Как выбрать щенка далматинца?

When buying a Dalmatian, it is important to turn to a respectable dog breeder. Only in this case you will be calm for the origin, nature and health of the baby. If you want a dog to participate in competitions, you just need to buy it from a reliable breeder, recognized by the national dog breeders' federation and specializing in this breed. Puppies Dalmatians are born completely white.

Spots appear only after 10 days. And you can see them only after 2 weeks . It is natural for the breeder to be a period of intense expectation, as the beauty and correctness of the spots is the most important condition for the future career of the exhibition dog. If the competitions do not interest you, you can find the breeders excellent puppies with no perfect spots.

Because of this, their quality of the companion's dog does not deteriorate, but their price will greatly decrease. And one more important advantage of puppies from the breeder, about which not everyone knows - the breeder will provide the kids with proper imprinting. This term in dog breeding is the most important process in the mental development of a puppy. Dalmatian recognizes beings of the same species as only those four-legged or two-legged, with whom he had close contact between the 4th and 7th week of his life.

Approximately at the 8th week of the puppy can be taken away from the breeder home. When choosing an animal, you must proceed from the qualities that you expect from it. If you just need a companion dog, it's ridiculous to require a better puppy from the litter. Tell the breeder about your family better, whether there are children or old people in it. Inform about your habits and ask them to recommend the most suitable baby for you.

If you need a Dolmatian for exhibitions, just say so. Then the breeder will offer you a puppy that does not have defects, and who hopes for the development of virtues. You can not expect more. If you need a 100% champion, you need to buy it already by an adult who already has a title. Puppy can give not confidence, but only hope. Keep in mind - the future of your pet is only partially dependent on its genotype and the art of the breeder. No less important is how the owner will raise, feed and educate a Dalmatian puppy.


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