Czechoslovakian wolf

A lean body, tall thin legs, yellow eyes, a wedge-shaped head, a reddish-gray coat color ... Who is this? No, it's not a wolf. It's almost a wolf - a Czech wolf dog, or a Czech Wolfhound.

History of the breed

At the end of the last century, Lieutenant Colonel of the Frontier Forces of Czechoslovakia Karl Hartle, who, in the service of his duties, closely communicated with German shepherds who served on the border, decided to cross the wolf and the dog and improve the quality of the guard dogs.

The ancestors of the new breed were a young wolf and a beautiful powerful young male German shepherd .

Long years of work, care, selection of the best producers led to the birth of a new breed - a Czechoslovak wolf dog, possessing the secret power of half-dog-halfwolf.

This dog is not very large. The male grows to 65 cm at the withers and weighs usually not more than 26 kg. Parameters of a bitch are 60 cm at the withers and 20 kg of weight.


Very important from an early age is the socialization of puppies. They require constant attention, communication, affection and games. In no case can they be put on a chain.

Devotion, unlimited love for the owner and unconditional submission to him - all these were received from the dog by the Wolfhud. Good health, endurance and physical power they inherited from the wolf.

Ability to stand up for the owner is the main character trait of a wolf dog. When you talk with this breed for a long time, watch the wolf dogs, you understand your unconscious feelings - Wolfhounds return adults to childhood. Immediately remembered read up to the hole book of Jack London about White Fang.

Any boy would like such a dog. It's so cool to make friends with a real wolf and enlist his protection. Find a friend who never offends and betrays. I want to get acquainted with such a dog and say: "We are of the same blood - you and me."

Waiting for the leader

The training of the dog is the same as that of all guard breeds. The technique of dressing is similar to that used with the German shepherd and malinois . It is important to know when to insist, when to show discontent, and when to praise.

These dogs are very attentive in training, really love to work. But a good coach knows that you can never pack a dog in a spring for a long time in such a state. We need to give it a turn, throw out tension, energy. And only then - praise, games, treat something delicious.

Love knows no boundaries

The wolf dog is very hardy. Affect "wild" genes. To maintain a good shape these dogs are harnessed in pairs, and they are at a good speed carrying a scooter on which the coach stands.

Even females of 10-12 years can easily cope with this task.

A wolf dog on a leash next to a running man can cross a 100 km track at a speed of about 12 km per hour without any particular damage.

After about 30-40 minutes of such a run, a man's breath gets bogged down, and his dog is still full of strength and energy, breathing easily and freely with the closed mouth.

There is an opinion that in modern dogs 30% of the genetic material from the wild wolf, and the rest - from tamed ancestors. But this is not so. Comparative DNA tests have shown that dogs are close relatives of jackals, not wolves. But Wolfhound was brought out by man, and it depended on people how he would be.

Did Lieutenant Colonel Carl Hartle think that his desire to improve the physical qualities, security and defensive abilities of a German shepherd serving at the border would lead to the birth of a new breed? Unknown. But the breed is bred and recognized. Dogs of this breed are trembling and fearless at the same time. And their love for man is boundless.


Price of the breed, cost, rubles Since this breed is rare enough, it's not easy to buy a Czechoslovak wolf dog in our country. And if you find a trustworthy seller, the cost of a dog can vary from 50,000 to 160,000 rubles .

Photo of the Czech Wolfhound


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