What is the advantage of castration, sterilization of chihuahua?

В чем преимущество кастрации, стерилизации чихуахуа

If it is not planned that the Chihuahua will participate in breeding and for this purpose participate in exhibitions, it is better to castrate it.

The advantages of castration, sterilization of the Chihuahua

В чем преимущество кастрации, стерилизации чихуахуа This will help to avoid a lot of problems with the dog's behavior. She will stop marking the corners in the house. Paddling with such a dog will be much calmer and safer - he will not react to the bitches, worry and run off with a risk for his own life. Castrated bitch will cease to enjoy the increased attention.

Also, the cable will not pick up with other males and on the walk will be more interested in playing with the host, rather than sniffing the tags. Also castrated chihuahua becomes more interested in training, mastering new teams and becoming much more obedient. To castrate a male is better at the age of one to one and a half, when he is already fully formed. However, if the growing boy began to actively mark the apartment, then it can be neutered and from 7 months.

The cost and order of castration of Chihuahua

If you do this at an earlier age, then the physical development of the dog will stop, and it will forever remain too similar to the puppy. The cost of castration depends on the clinic and the region, and in the case of a dog of the same size as a Chihuahua, it can range from 1,000 to 3,000 rubles. This is a fairly fast, simple and safe operation. With her, the testes are removed and the ovaries are removed (usually along with the uterus) and after this operation the sex hormones are stopped in the animal's body and the desire for "carnal love" disappears.

В чем преимущество кастрации, стерилизации чихуахуа There is another huge plus of castration. Thanks to her, the animal gets a chance to live a healthier and longer life. Because castration is an excellent prophylaxis for prostatitis and cancer in males and purulent inflammation, tumors of the uterus and ovaries, breast cancer in females. And also eliminates the likelihood of a number of chronic diseases, such as:

  • Hepatic pathology,
  • Renal failure ,
  • Perineal hernia in males,
  • Intoxication with endometritis.

The disadvantage of castration for such a small dog as a chihuahua is that this operation is performed under general anesthesia . Therefore, it is extremely important that the anesthesiologist perform a precise calculation of the narcosis dosage taking into account the animal's weight. And it is best to use the most advanced drugs for anesthesia. Perhaps an increase in body weight, which can be avoided by physical exertion and correction of nutrition. Occasionally, incontinence may occur, which is treated with special medications.


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