Чихуахуа Find out more about the characteristics of the Chihuahua breed, about its temperament ✅, training ✅, care and content ✅, see videos and photos ✅. The official version of the origin of the Chihuahua is associated with hot Mexico, where the mysterious Toltec people appeared in the Middle Ages.

The well-off Indians and priests of this tribe kept small stems as pets - dumb dogs with long hair. Unique dogs were considered sacred, therefore for the time being they participated in all religious rites and holidays. But after the death of the master, they were mercilessly sacrificed and mummified. It was assumed that the dog takes away the sins of the deceased, protects his soul from punishment and protects him on his way to the last shelter. Archaeologists have repeatedly found the mummies of tiny pets in ancient Indian burials. And how many images of techie are found on the ramshackle walls of temples and tombs, ancient clay vessels and pots - do not count!

Chihuahua: Characteristics

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Security features

The size
Agility (agility)
Attitudes towards children

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Perhaps the most famous find was carved on stone blocks of paintings in the majestic palace of Montezuma. They were found in 1850 by an American archaeologist in the large Mexican state of Chihuahua. This Spanish word became the name of the breed in many languages ​​of the world. And in the Russian it was fixed slightly modified transcription.


Talented saviors
Tiny does not mean helpless! Due to excellent hearing and well-developed observation, Chihuahuas are ideal assistants for people with poor hearing. For example, the dog Willum is one of the oldest assistants to deaf masters. For more than 10 years, he has faithfully served Christine Vicke, telling her about phone calls and other important alerts.

Terrible trials

Four centuries later, the Toltecs ousted the Aztecs and Maya from the territory of Mexico, which replaced the tiny technicians of the previous owners. Dogs, as before, were all honors.

True, the fee for this high-circulation treatment was even higher. Pets not only continued to send after the deceased, but sometimes used for culinary purposes. And this is not the only nightmare that has fallen to the brittle crumbs.

In 1519, Spanish conquistadors fled through the territory of Mexico with fire and sword. During the fierce battles, the native population was routed, and the teicichi population was on the verge of extinction. The famished conquerors began to eat their meat. Fortunately, some intelligent people guessed to escape into the jungle. A man for a long time became their sworn enemy!

The big popularity of baby

Чихуахуа описание породы темперамент, линька, уход за чихуахуа Only after many years, miniature dogs caught the eye of people. Mexicans in the late 19th century suddenly found them in the surrounding forests. The sale of four-legged crumbs in the border markets has turned into a profitable business. Delighted Americans bought them with small bowls. And already in 1884 in Philadelphia an exhibition of dogs was held, where for the first time such a tiny dog ​​was officially demonstrated.

And soon the charming breed, which had not yet received official recognition, fell into the secular chronicle. President of Mexico conquered by the talent of the famous singer Adeline Patti, decided to make her an expensive gift. The woman received a sumptuous bouquet of flowers, inside of which was a delicious chihuahua. The heart of a flattered beauty melted, and the news of her new pet reached Europe.

Rare color
Puppies chihuahua can have almost any color. But the most unusual is a silvery-gray color with a bluish tint. It rarely occurs. Breeders can not plant it, as the gene associated with this wool color can lead to serious illnesses. However, the prices for blue chihuahua start at $ 10,000

From America to Russia!

Чихуахуа описание породы темперамент, линька, уход за чихуахуа

The first registered representative of the breed was the smooth-haired handsome Miget, i.e. "Dwarf" in English. In 1904, he was included in the US studbook. After 11 years, the breed was officially recognized in America. And since 1907 they started breeding on foggy Albion. But the official standard appeared only in 1923.

Charming babies were welcome at all dog shows in Europe. But they got to Russia only in 1959. Fidel Castro presented Nikita Khrushchev a pair of long-haired dogs. The head of the Soviet state immediately called the exotic little animals Mishka and Masha. The Russian genealogy of the breed was taken from them.

Voices of ancestors

Chihuahua, subdued the hearts of dog breeders, were already significantly different from their Indian ancestors. They had another shape of the skull and the length of the coat. In addition, they have learned to bark loudly! Researchers are sure that in these metamorphoses the conquistadors are again guilty. The aliens kept Chinese naked dogs on their ships in the role of hunters in rats. As a result of crosses with four-legged overseas newcomers, techichi changed. Their head looked like an apple, a sharp muzzle shortened. But, most importantly, there were smooth-haired individuals.

Breed Standard

A major contribution to the formation of the breed was made by breeders. To strengthen the charm and charisma, tiny dogs were crossed with other dwarf dogs. Shorthair chihuahua strongly "became friends" with pinschers and toy terriers, and long-haired - with Spitz and Papillons.

Such strange family ties turned the breed into a universal "pocket pet". Puppies within the same litter may differ in size, length of coat, color and nature. And even the smooth-haired mother sometimes have babies with magnificent silky hairpins on the ears, neck, paws and tail. This diversity makes it easy to choose a four-legged friend!

In addition, it is not a hindrance to the exhibition career. After all, the standard is determined not by the color of the coat and not by growth, but solely by the weight of the dog. The ideal weight is 1.5 - 2.5 kg. Small animals from 0.5 kg and large to 3 kg are also allowed. But the way out of this framework is considered a deviation!

Optimum growth of dogs of this breed is considered from 15 to 23 centimeters.

Dog in the cup
No matter how miniature they are, too small sizes are unacceptable. Sometimes you can find the term "tikap chihuahua", ie. Placed in a cup. Sellers of such dogs give them at inflated prices, as unique and rare animals. In reality, they are simply undernourished or sick individuals prone to numerous diseases and disorders.

Character of the Chihuahua

Чихуахуа They say that the long-haired Chihuahua is kinder and calmer than its smooth-haired relatives. But some fans of the breed are convinced that on the contrary, pets with short fur are more likely basking in the hands of the owners. But the hairy babies are very independent and restless. This, of course, amusing speculation, but there is some truth in them.

Although it is difficult to imagine how such a amusing and vulnerable dog can be a sly one, her character is really difficult. It affects the Mexican past, when the techs were hiding in the jungle. To survive, they had to become extremely cautious and perfect to develop attention. So get ready for the unexpected!

The darling can suddenly loudly flatten out - and it will be difficult to calm her down. In addition, the chihuahua is suspicious of strangers, does not tolerate restless children. And at the time of great fright and at all can get wet. In general, love it can not be called: in the first minutes of acquaintance before your guests a nervous and alert creature will appear.

But in a familiar company, the baby is transformed into an energetic and affectionate creek, to watch which is a real pleasure. Curious and sociable brave will tumble about the apartment, grunting like a baby.

But no matter how temperamental the Chihuahua was, he perfectly feels the mood of the hosts. The dog will not turn around under your feet and interfere if you are busy, but simply gracefully settle down in a corner and will quietly watch how you cook, knit, work at the computer. But once again pay attention to it - and the crumb will roll you off an incredible storm of emotions.

I want Taco Bell!
His popularity in the Chihuahua is largely due to the dog Gidget, who in the late 90's starred in the advertisement of the famous restaurant of Mexican cuisine "Taco Bell". He appeared in front of TV viewers in bandit attire and with a huge sombrero on his head and pronounced in Spanish: "I want Taco Bell!" America immediately fell in love with this charming, handsome, handsome man.

Training and education

In order for a pet to show her hot Mexican temper as little as possible, it is necessary to start her upbringing from an early age. Never take puppies less than 3 months old. From the lack of communication with relatives, the chihuahua can grow into an owner and an egoist, unable to get along with people or with other dogs. Moreover, an ill-bred kid often exposes himself to mortal danger, barking aggressive big dogs.

It is important to socialize the pet on time. Gradually acquaint him with new people and friendly relatives. Immediately stop barking for no reason. If you are punishing for misconduct, do it right after they are committed. And in any case, do not pound the fragile bully with your hand, collar or leash. Otherwise, he will grow up nervous and distrustful.

A bit of everything

Otherwise, the chihuahua will not give you any trouble. The energy of these creatures quickly fades. Then they, like happy cats after fast games, climb under some blanket and fall asleep with charming snoring. The reason for such sniffing in a dream is the specific structure of the skull with a sharp transition from the muzzle to the forehead.

They are unpretentious and neat. Eat a little - just something like 50-80 grams of food per kilogram of weight per day. They do not like to walk for a long time, but they can spend their time at home in the cat's tray , if they are taught. And their hair does not have a specific unpleasant odor. In general, the ideal dog for people who prefer a measured lifestyle.

Care and maintenance of chihuahua

Чихуахуа On the other hand, gentle representatives of this breed require delicate treatment, because they have very fragile bones. You can not have them in families with young children. Unintentional children can accidentally injure and maim a tiny animal. To do this, even gently push it off the couch.

Remember, the most vulnerable place in the Chihuahua is the thinnest neck. Therefore, it is better to abandon the collar and buy a special leash for miniature dogs, which is attached to the torso under the feet.

It is important to protect the baby from drafts and generally cold. They often freeze because of rapid metabolism, begin to tremble, and then develop a cold. Therefore, you should not walk with them in the cold. And for cold weather from +1 degrees, be sure to buy four-legged mods some warm clothes .

Hot weather can also hurt these tiny creatures. The fact that they love to bask in the sun, but do not control the time of sunbathing. Therefore, sometimes they can overheat and even get a heat stroke.

We care for teeth

Chihuahua sometimes has problems with teeth. Often their baby teeth do not fall out by themselves, and you have to visit a dentist. If the child does not get rid of puppy teeth in time, his bite can be badly damaged. So be sure to check into the veterinary clinic when the time comes.

What's on the menu?

Finally, responsibly approach the choice of food. A baby with a thin neck can choke even a small bone from the fish. And sharp fragments of bones will surely injure her tiny stomach. So forget about such food in general. As an exception, you can give pets a bite of a bone with a cartilage and the remains of meat. Especially when their teeth are chopped. But in any case not tubular!

Salted foods heavily load the kidneys, sweet causes profuse tearing, and fried and fatty food adversely affects the liver of the dog. In addition, chihuahua tend to be obese.

So no human food is just a balanced diet. For example, a ready dry food with vitamins and macronutrients. These kids with sharp teeth are very fond of gnawing dry granules. Solid food helps them to clean enamel from tartar.

Dog accessories

Чихуахуа Among ornamental species, chihuahua occupies an honorable place. These are not just charming charming cats, but also fashion accessories for noble ladies. Among the lucky owners of four-legged Mexicans are Peris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lopez.

Thanks to the stellar glory since 2004 in the UK alone, sales of these four-legged babies soared to the skies, and the price tripled. However, the number of those who want to acquire such an unusual pet has not decreased. Someone considers her a little carefree toy. But if you are serious about buying a chihuahua, remember: she has a passionate Mexican temperament, a fragile body that requires care, and a tiny good heart that she will give only to the loving owner.

Price of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles How much does a chihuahua puppy cost? The price can vary from 15 000 to 100 000 rubles and above. The cost of dogs of this breed can be affected by several factors.

  • As a rule, girls are 20-30% more expensive than similar male dogs.
  • The price of pets with a projected future weight of an adult dog of less than 1.5 kg will be higher than that for heavier puppies.
  • Colors that are less common: chocolate, tiger, and blue are much more expensive
  • If in a family at a chihuahua there are titled ancestors, winners of various competitions, it is very important and will essentially influence cost.
  • The constitution of a dog with a stronger constitution, on low legs is an increasing factor.


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