Age classes of chow-chow

Возрастные классы чау-чау

Often, the owners do not exhibit the dog themselves, preferring to entrust this to the handler - a professional with experience in working with this breed. In most cases, such a decision seems reasonable.

Hendler knows a lot of secrets of the winning demonstration of the dog, will be able to emphasize its merits and smooth out the shortcomings. He knows the requirements of most experts and can draw the attention of the judge to the particular features of the dog that the judge values ​​in the breed.

We list the age classes of chow-chow:

  • Baby - 3-6 months;
  • Puppies - 6-9 months;
  • Juniors - 9-18 months
  • Intermedia - 15-24 months
  • Open class - from 15 months
  • Class of champions - from 18 months if there is a champion certificate;
  • Class of veterans - from 8 years.

In the baby's class, chow-chow puppies are evaluated from the point of view of breed, perspectivity and quality of cultivation. Estimates that it can get, a great prospect, a prospect, a small perspective. In the junior class, the highest rating is "very good", since the chows are related to the late-forming dogs and, perhaps, the best junior will grow into a fairly ordinary dog, and the one who yielded to the winner will become the champion chow-chow.

Starting with the intermediate class, the highest score is "excellent".

The title of "Best Baby" is awarded to the first puppy with a rating of "Great Perspective", "Best Puppy" - the winner in the puppy class, "Best Junior" - the winner in the junior class.

Beginning with the class of the intermediate, the dog can receive titles at the certificate exhibitions. Chow-chow , who received an "excellent" rating and took first place in his class, receives the title "Candidate for National Champions of Beauty" (CAC). Following the winner in the placement of the dog with an "excellent" rating, the title "Reserve Candidate for National Champions of Beauty" (R. CAC) is awarded.

At international certification exhibitions, the Chow Chow can win the title "Candidate in International Champions of Beauty" (CACIB), which is awarded to the best male and the best female winner in comparison of class winners. Male and female, who took the second place in comparison of the winners of classes, receive the title of "Reserve candidate for international beauty champions" (R. CACIB). In order to get the title of champion, the chow should, in one year and one day, recruit four CACIBs at exhibitions in three different countries.

Возрастные классы чау-чау

The title "The best representative of the breed" has already been mentioned above. Next, the best representatives of the breed are fighting for the title "Best representative of the breed group (BIG). Here, the best dogs of one breed group are compared. Chow-chow belong to the 5th group FCI, which includes Spitz and primitive dogs - Malamute, Husky, Akita Inu, Bassenji.

The best representatives of breed groups at the end compete among themselves for the highest title of this exhibition - "The best dog of the exhibition" (BIS) / He gets the brightest representative of his breed group. It is clear that in order to successfully reach the finish line, both the dog and the master must be real fighters - hardy, physically strong, gambling, to have strong nerves.

But if the owner of the chow-chow plans to entrust the exhibition work to the handler, he must take into account the specific character of the dogs of this breed. With the distrust of the chow to outsiders and the desire to judge people by themselves and choose friends among them, the dog's acquaintance with the future handler must occur long before the exhibition. Perhaps, the owner will have to try more than once before he finds a specialist who can get along with his dog and get her to cooperate with the handler at the exhibition, and not fight.

And the last rule that is common for dog owners of all breeds , but for the Chow-Chow is especially important: regardless of the results of the show, the dog should know that she is well done, the owner is proud of her, they have worked together well. Dissatisfaction with the result can not be transferred to a dog. Chow-chow easily suffers physical pain, but can really get sick if the owner will disdain him only because he is not a champion.


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