The nature of the chow-chow

Характер чау-чау

The character of the chow-chow is special. Chow-chow is not suitable for a mass lover.

The tragedy of many dogs of this breed is that by succumbing to the fashion for exotics, unprepared people buy a puppy , and unscrupulous sellers do not give themselves the trouble to explain to the future owner what complexities and characteristics of character he has to deal with.

The nature of the chow-chow is so unconventional that it spawned many legends. He is considered to be heartless, uncontrollable, aggressive, unresponsive to training. But this is not so. Chow-chow is a telepathic dog, a doctor dog, a devoted and gentle being. In fact, to understand the secret of the soul of the Chow Chow is like penetrating the horizon of a black hole. The main quality of chow is restraint and independence. This chow-chow always has a very bright personality.

It is difficult to bring up the chow-chow not because he is stupid or stubborn, but because the dogs of this breed are trying to make up their own opinion about everything, including the demands that the master makes. Chow will never execute the command at once. He must think it over, weigh the pros and cons, assess the situation on their own, and only then make a decision. If he agrees with the demand of the master, he will submit with dignity and leisurely. If not - it will not pay any attention to the team.

To train chow by common methods is useless. He does not buy for a treat and does not recognize violence against himself. On the stretched piece of chow, most likely, will not pay attention, and an attempt to resort to a rigid method of education will give the opposite result. Chau will close in itself and stop respecting you and responding to your demands. Violence is so hateful to the proud and independent nature of the chow that it will do the opposite, just to show you that you are wrong.

Chow-chow can do a lot for the owner unselfishly, only out of love, and nothing - from under the stick. Rudeness, cry, disrespect cause an immediate reaction. Chau turns away from the abuser and closes in himself. Call it useless.

Buy chow-chow - does not mean to become its master. Chows are famous for that, having looked narrowly at the family they are in, they choose their own master and remain faithful to him for life. Only one person gives love and trust to the chow. The rest of the family enjoy his benevolence. But he is devoted only to the master. Chow, who has passed to another master, gets a serious mental trauma, and only a clever, delicate person who understands these extraordinary dogs will be able to help the chow adjust to the changes. Experts of the breed note that if the chow changes the owner, he changes his habits, his way of life, as if he says: "That dog, the old one, is no more. Now I have a new life, and everything should be new "

Характер чау

Chow-chow behave extraordinarily restrained. They express their love with a slight trembling of the tail, barely audible whining and a barely noticeable touch of the nose. With the advent of the owner, the chow-chow is slightly animated, although in the eyes of a man accustomed to the violent manifestations of canine feelings, the chow is only becoming less inhibited.

A calm chow can express its approval with a kind of "bearish" muttering, and disagreement with something - a special growl. With all restraint and importance, the chow reacts very sensitively to the mood of the owner, to the atmosphere in the house, it's hard for him if the owner is sad, uneasy or unhappy. He can express sympathy, coming up and putting his head on his knees, hugging his master.

Changes in the mood of a person chow feels very much, and always either participates in joy, or supports in sorrow. But these dogs do not like very much when their owner is irritable, has an uneven character, is excessively emotional. People who are prone to bursts of emotion and are able to tear evil at their neighbors, and then try to make amends for their inordinate cordiality, should not start a chow-chow.

By bringing any dog into the house, a person must provide her with her own place. There are well-known criteria for choosing a corner in which the dog will live. But this does not work with the chow. Once in a new home, he carefully examines it, carefully and conscientiously weighs the advantages and disadvantages of each nook and chooses his place himself.

The master should not insist that the chow stay where he is invited. This dog prefers to decide itself where it will be more convenient, and chooses a place that is sufficiently closed to be able to retire there and hide from the surrounding bustle. But at the same time, from its place, the chow should have a good overview of the whole room, so as to follow what is happening in the house. Chow-chow is a real philosopher. He sees everything, sees everything, has an opinion about everything. Lying on the spot and as if napping, the chow-chow watches people, thinks, draws conclusions.

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