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Photo: Chow Chow Puppy

The decision to get a chow-chow puppy must be carefully weighed in view of the specific nature of this dog.

In addition, you should consider the possibility of meeting certain conditions for the full development of the chow-chow puppy. First of all, he needs to provide a place where he can move freely and have as much space as he needs. In addition, you must be sure that you will have time to walk with him daily.

How to make the right choice of puppy?

After making a decision, you need to choose a specialist who can buy a chow-chow puppy. We recommend contacting only those specialists who have dedicated many years to the breeding of this breed. All the necessary information on this account you can get in any of the organizations of official dog breeding.

Acting in this way, you with a guarantee will get a dog with a good pedigree, which will not disappoint you, neither from the psychological, nor from the morphological point of view. Ideally, the puppy should be taken at the age of 10 to 16 weeks . It is already large enough to receive the first vaccinations, to undergo prophylaxis and other necessary procedures.

Another important aspect is the choice of gender. Many believe that there are fewer problems with dogs. However, the estrus in the bitch happens only twice a year and has a total duration of 30-40 days, while a dog that smells a bitch for several kilometers is in a state of excitement year-round. In addition, calm and focused bitch are more attached to the house and are not inclined to move away from it.

Chow Chow
Photo: Chow Chow Puppy

The dog is also more mobile and impulsive and rarely tempts to expand the limits of its territory, taking short-term absences. If you live in an apartment, it's best to get a bitch, because differing by a calmer character, she needs less walks.

Raising a chow chow puppy

As soon as the chow-chow puppy enters your home to become part of your family life, try not to neglect any rule necessary for raising a small chow-chow without traumas and mental abnormalities. With all the emotion that this little woolly tangle will cause you, firmly prevent such behavior, which in the future will be very difficult to correct. And if the chow-chow puppy gets used to unlimited freedom, he will grow up a badly brought up dog, with uncontrollable behavior.

Puppies chow-chow
Photo: Chow Chow Puppy

The kennel or corner of the apartment allocated for the dog should be ready by the time the chow-chow puppy crosses the threshold of your house. If it is a question of a kennel or a box, it is better to choose models from plastic or plywood. As a litter, you can use a sponge rubber mattress with a strong and well-washable pillowcase. Puppy chow, torn from the place of his birth, first time will feel at ease. Therefore, in the morning, take him out for a walk so that he enjoys the air and the sun and is rather accustomed to a new environment.

At night, leave the chow-chow puppy with the light of the night lamp and quietly playing the radio so that he does not feel left and not afraid at waking. If you hear that he whines, do not be too lazy to go to him and calm him, so that he falls asleep again. This is the best way to establish a trusting relationship with him. Instructing him, the first rule of good behavior, avoid actions that can cause confusion to the puppy.

In particular, a chow-chow puppy must quickly learn that every wrong act is punished. So do not ignore any of his tricks. First of all, you should teach him in the same place, remember your nickname and accustom him to the leash. Choose an easy and well-recognized by ear nickname. Over time, he must learn to associate the word you utter with the subsequent caresses and sweets. Do not address him to scold him or at the moment when he is eating or playing.

The nickname should be associated only with pleasant sensations. It is equally important to teach him to leash. Many chow-chow puppies at first reject this unfamiliar and unpleasant subject. In this case, do not try to impose a leash force, and put it to your favorite puppy toys, so that he is accustomed to his smell. Then start putting on a leash for a few minutes, as if playfully.

This is the best way to teach a dog to leash. In conclusion, a few tips: do not leave your chow-chow for long in the rain, do not allow him to rush without a break, do not take long walks and try to keep him as little as possible of the stairs.


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