Ca de Bo

Fans of the ka de bou appreciate this breed for the fact that it perfectly combines balance, guarding instincts and the ability of a dog to assess the situation adequately. Representatives of this breed very delicately feel the situation and well distinguish friends and enemies.

Photo: Ca de Beau
Photo: Ca de Beau

Ca de Bo

In another way this breed is called perro de press Majorcan or Majorcan mastiff for the fact that the birthplace of these dogs is the island of Mallorca. Ca de bou is translated as a "bull dog". Once these dogs certainly participated in the bullfight - traditional Spanish entertainment. They defended the bullfighters and fearlessly entered the battle with the bull. Now it is an ideal bodyguard and a guard , with pleasure performing and the role of a pet.


Ca de bos is a massive strong Molossoid type dog. They have a height at the withers of 52-58 cm and weight of 30-38 kg.

The head is large (especially in the case of cables), the muzzle is wide, the musculature developed and the total mass make the impression of a larger dog than they really are.

The size of the dog is compact, but the appearance looks very impressive.

The wool of the representatives of this breed is short and stiff. According to the standard, several varieties of color are permissible: deer (beige or red), motley (brindle) and black.

The character of the Ca de bou

Ка де Бо

With members of their family, dogs of this breed behave very affectionately and friendly, they quickly "join the team" and are well suited even to families with children. They perfectly feel the family atmosphere, sympathize and rejoice with people.

Ca de bou do not give one member of the family an obvious preference and demonstrate devotion and tenderness to everyone. Loves children, allowing them to do anything with them.

Also these dogs are tolerant of family friends and guests. However, if there are no owners in the house, they will never let in the house not only the stranger, but also the familiar person. This dog can not be persuaded or bribed.

As a rule, they do not show any causal aggression. But in order to make a reliable guard out of the dog, from the very childhood it will be necessary to seriously deal with her upbringing.

This is an active dog and for her proper development and well-being she needs regular long walks, outdoor games and trips to nature. She is well-trained and will not make her bored in joint games.

This is a strong and strong-willed animal, which requires an experienced hand for training.
Ca de bou is not only very strong, but also a noble dog that will never offend a smaller and weaker dog. Yes, and with a strong dog will not fight without a team or a special need for something.

Features of maintenance and care

Ка де Бо Because ka de bou is a short-haired breed, care of it is not complicated. To her hair looked healthy and well-groomed, it must be cleaned with a rubber brush every other day.

Too often, you should not bathe with a de bo, it can disrupt the fatty natural balance of the dog's skin.

It only costs to wash a heavily polluted animal and then it's better to use professional means for wire-haired dogs.

Also need to cut the claws, periodically inspect and wipe your ears and eyes. The ears are cleaned every two weeks with cotton swabs or chopsticks. If in the ears of the pet noticeable unhealthy discharge with an unpleasant odor, the dog should immediately show the veterinarian.

Regularly treated and the dog's eyes - they are wiped with a cotton swab dipped in a special lotion.

Regular inspections require the pet's teeth, in order to remove tartar in the veterinary clinic in time. For the prevention of the dog you need to give chewing bones, cartilage and toys for cleaning your teeth.

The dog is beautifully contained both in the country house, and in the city apartment, but necessarily requires a good long walk with active games.

Education and training

Representatives of the breed are very capable of training and training . And to make it go as best as possible, you have to start practicing with this dog literally from the moment of its appearance in the house.

Also, from childhood, you need to carefully monitor the behavior of the dog, in order to avoid problems with an adult pet. Puppy can not be allowed to do the same thing that would not allow an adult dog. Especially it is necessary to immediately stop any attempts of the dog to take a dominant position. If there is a suspicion that the owner does not quite cope with the animal, it is necessary to seek help from an experienced trainer.

Price for the puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles Puppies of this breed can be identified in the middle price category. Small Ca de bou - future guards are sold for 800 dollars . Puppies show class and future manufacturers are estimated at 1200 dollars .

Photo ka de bou


  1. I recently lost my beloved cat Betsy Betsy. She lived with us almost 11 years. I live in Syzran, Samara region. I want to buy a puppy. Help to contact those who have them in the cities nearby.

  2. Great dog! Our 6.5 months, just lovely in the house. Affectionate with family members, like a cat. He jumps like a lynx. Child 6-year-old does not touch, although I would have long devoured for this behavior (for the tail drags, paws rises, can hit). With those who know - friendly, when we enter the house, does not create problems. The only problem in which we are also to blame - devoured 2 pairs of shoes for 3 months + a bit of wallpaper ripped off in the corridor and plaster in these places gnawed. But they warned us about shoes, they themselves were to blame for not hiding. The wallpaper was also glued to the "joint in the butt" on the corner and stuck out, so that she could not pass by when she was in the apartment.


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