Description and character of bullmastiff

Описание бульмастифа, характер бульмастифа

The first attempts to cross mastiff and bulldog pursued the only goal - to create a powerful and simultaneously agile fighting dog .

Therefore, no one pursued the goal of obtaining similar individuals or individuals attractive in appearance. The era of dogfights has come to an end, and many have come up with the idea that the resulting dogs can become the ancestors of a new, special breed.

Next, we describe how the character of Bullmastiff developed (a description of the breed Bullmastiff ).

These dogs were primarily interested in foresters, who needed strong, fast dogs with good flair to fight poachers. Selective works on the creation of a new breed began in the 19th century. At the end of the century, thanks to the efforts of Mosley, who is considered the father of modern bullmastiffs, a truly remarkable result was achieved. In 1924 the breed was officially registered by the English Kennel Club, and in 1933 the American Kennel Club.

Bullmastiff belongs to Molossoid-type dogs or molosses.

What does it mean to live with a young woman? This means that you get not so much a dog as a new member of the family. Moloss was born to live near a person to drive a flock or to hunt game. To feel happy, he must realize that he is an integral part of the human collective in which he lives. The collective for these dogs does not mean the tribe. These dogs do not recognize the hierarchy. They do not single out one master, the leader of the tribe, but with the same passion they love and protect all members of the family.

Of course, this property does not make them dogs - robots, ready to execute any order.

Характер бульмастифа

Moloss can obey only when he is completely convinced of what he has to do, and most importantly, when he was asked about it with all proper politeness. Probably, someone might think that these dogs do not lend themselves to training, but they are mistaken. The main thing is to establish with the dog the correct attitude of equal partners and not to impose anything, but to explain what they want and why.

This method can produce excellent results. And although the molasses originate from fighting dogs , the English Molossians are extremely balanced dogs. They remember their past only when it is necessary to protect their property. But, when they do not have patrol duty, they become extremely affectionate and adore all family members, especially children, who are allowed to do almost anything with themselves.

Therefore, strange as it may sound, we put parents to look after children when they play with Molossians, so that children do not harm the dogs, and not vice versa. Indeed, this dog will never harm a child.

However, some innocent children's games, such as playing "horses" with mastiff, can damage the dog's back, especially when the dog is young. Speaking of young dogs, we recall that dogs of those breeds that develop unusually fast are especially fragile in the first months of life. Such breeds include all molosses, including mastiff.

Puppy should not show excessive physical activity. Energy is required to him not only for the game, but for growth. And for growth is extremely fast. So let him play himself, do not force him to gallop on a leash. From this he will not get stronger, but on the contrary, he can get sick. Do not force the pup to climb the stairs.

Let him play with other puppies better. An adult dog needs more movement, but do not think that only those who have a garden more like a park can start molosses. Large spaces are needed for a terrier that has been lowered off the leash, a dog often purchased as decorative, which does not require a large living space. In fact, the bigger the dog, the less it needs to move.

Mastiff can live well in a city apartment. The ability to stretch his paws twice a day is quite satisfactory. In the end, if your apartment is not great, you can choose a dog girl. She is smaller, more calm and more affectionate than a boy.

Bullmastiff, which is smaller and more mobile than mastiff, requires more movement, otherwise it begins to gain weight quickly, which will negatively affect his health.

Due to its physical parameters, bullmastiff is more cheerful and playful than mastiff. It is very suitable for people dynamic,

Описание бульмастифа

Loving jogging and walking. However, remember, if the mastiff is properly nurtured and fed, then he, too, is by no means fired. Despite its size, he enjoys running, jumping, playing. He can safely follow the owner during long and relaxing walks through the forest and can protect the owner even from the wild boar.

In conclusion, let's say a few words about feeding. Molosses are big dogs, and big dogs naturally eat a lot. But when feeding the main quality of food for dogs , not its quantity. Especially when it comes to young dogs.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to follow exactly the instructions and advice that every good breeder must give to a newcomer who acquires a puppy. If you feed the puppy uncontrollably, even good food, you can completely undermine the health of the dog. Feeding is also of great importance in preventing the occurrence of dysplasia of the hip and knee joints. This defect is very common among large dogs.

However, this disease can occur under the influence of the environment, the diet of the dog, its physical activity and hereditary factors. Thus, in order to preserve our breeds, one-year-old dogs need to do an x-ray to exclude carriers of symptoms from the mating. As we said at the very beginning Molossa is a state of mind. But moloss is also an intelligent and sensitive creature, requiring care and attention.

We must take care of him just as he cares for us: he protects our house and our loved ones. This mutual support, this silent exchange of vows of loyalty and respect, is the essence of the relationship between a person and a young woman. Molossus looks at us solemnly and calmly, because somehow he knows all this.


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