Boytsovskie breeds of dogs: the list of representatives of the "profession"

Fighting (or fighting) can be any dog ​​taking part in battles, regardless of the breed. But there are a number of breeds in which fighting qualities are better brought up.

Dog fights existed from the moment of domestication of the dog, and therefore quite a few breeds were deduced exactly as fighting dogs.

Many breeds were withdrawn just to participate in battles and not just dog. These dogs were poisoned by bears and lions, bulls, rats, badgers, and also used in battles with opossums, horses, pigs, monkeys and humans.

International organizations are NOT RECOGNIZED such a notion as a fighting dog (fighting)

At the moment there are about twenty such breeds. The notion of "fighting dog" means primarily not so much a breed as a " profession ".

Dogs-fighters have common features: a large head in comparison with other parts of the body, a massive body, and also a very formidable voice.

To the fighting breeds in the first place are large molosses: mastiffs, bulldogs and mastiffs, as well as terriers such as boules. Consider the most famous breeds of such dogs.

TOP 8 Fighting Breeds

1. American Pit Bull Terrier

Photo: Pitbull Terrier
Photo: American Pit Bull Terrier

Recently, the most famous as a fighting breed (and far from good fame) - pitbull (American pitbull terrier) . This is a strong-willed, reckless, persistent dog, which is not recommended for beginners because of the strong character with which only an experienced dog breeder can cope. It requires constant control from the side of the owner.

2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Photo: English Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Photo: English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

English Staffordshire bull terrier is already becoming a rare breed. Originally was taken out of a bulldog crossed with different terriers, and was intended for bullying bulls. This is a strong, strong and extremely active, but not very big dog. Can be aggressive to other dogs, as well as to cats. Extremely obstinate and irritable, but with proper education very kind to people. Recently, when in Europe dog fights went out of fashion, the plastic psyche of the breed allowed the dogs to be corrected as good family companions who do not like to fight.

3. English mastiff

Photo: English Mastiff
Photo: English Mastiff

English mastiff is the largest of mastiffs and European danes. Initially, they were used in the persecution of bears. Now it is a reliable companion and a calm watchman of an impressive kind. Stubborn and from early childhood, socialization is necessary.

4. English Bulldog

Photo: English Bulldog
Photo: English Bulldog

English Bulldog also from fighting breeds recently turned into decorative. Because of this, the dogs became vulnerable. Initially intended to harass bulls and bears. The character is imperturbable, solid and slightly phlegmatic.

5. Sharpay

Photo: Sharpay

Sharpei was bred in China as a fighting dog. It is an active and strongly built medium breed. It is an independent and calm dog, incredulous to outsiders. Often it is aggressive towards representatives of other breeds of dogs, so they need early socialization.

6. Brazilian fila

Phil Brazilian is more used as a guard dog. It is very aggressive and hostile to strangers, so many countries are not allowed to attend exhibitions because of possible aggression against judges and participants. However, in Russia it is represented widely, including at exhibitions.

7. Cane Corso

Cane Corso
Photo: Cane Corso

Cane Corso derives its origin from ancient Roman fighting dogs of universal purpose. Thanks to this, their psyche is stable and now this breed is recommended as a strong watchman with good social qualities, loyal attitude towards people.

8. Tosa Inu

Tosa-inu, Tosa-ken, Japanese mastiff
Photo: Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu is a Japanese breed, a sumo wrestler in the world of dogs. Like the sumo wrestler she fights in the ring - she knocks her opponent and presses her to the floor, but does not bite or tear it. Such dogs are considered the national treasure of Japan and deserve universal respect. Tosa-inu are silent and calm, but they are stubborn and resolute, aggressive towards other dogs and distrustful to strangers, therefore they need solid education. As the fashion for keeping dogs of such breeds in the family and the urban environment appears, the question of their responsible upbringing becomes more serious. At the same time, the campaign in Europe against such breeds increasingly directs the efforts of breeders to cull evil dogs, out of unguided fighters making obedient guard dogs.


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