Large breeds of dogs. Characteristics, a list and a photo with the names of large dogs

It is generally believed that large dogs are animals whose weight in adult age exceeds 26 kilograms. The growth of large breed dogs at the withers should exceed 60 centimeters . The most popular representatives of large breeds are the German Shepherd Dog, Eastern European Shepherd Dog, Riesen Schnauzer, Rottweiler. Sometimes separate separate so-called giant breeds of dogs , the height at the withers exceeds 75 centimeters. Such breeds include mastiffs, Irish wolfhounds, Great Danes, St. Bernards, Central Asian and Caucasian shepherds, Moscow watchdog and others.

Большие собаки. Крупные породы
Photo: Big dogs

Features of keeping large dogs

Such dogs are quite difficult to keep in an apartment, they need enough space, so they often live in houses. The common problem of large dog breeds is the danger of disproportionate development of body parts due to too rapid growth. So, for example, a puppy of a German dog for the first year of life should increase the mass of his body by 100-150 times! Because of such a fast set of mass in large breeds of dogs, the risk of abnormalities in the bones of the paws is great. Therefore, literally every day a puppy's life is important for the proper formation of the body. During this period, the nutrition of the puppy is limited by the amount of fat, increasing the protein content of animal origin.


In large breeds of dogs, there is much less heart mass in relation to the whole body, compared to medium breeds of dogs and small, and, therefore, the load on the heart is increased. Therefore, their life span is one-third shorter than in small breeds, and nutrition should be rich in B vitamins, potassium, unsaturated fatty acids (fish oil).

The dog diet of large breeds should be balanced to avoid obesity. With the same problem should help fight walks.

It is best to strengthen the health of large breed dogs with a sufficiently long exercise with moderate instantaneous loads.


By temperament, most large dogs are phlegmatic. It is fraught with calluses and even decubitus, when the dog lays in one pose for a long time. Because experienced cynologists advise to do the dog massages and make her change her posture.

List of large breeds of dogs from A to Z with photo

See the alphabetical list of large (large) dogs:

Akita Inu
Akita Inu
Alaskan Malamute
American Akita
American Akita
American Bulldog
American Bulldog
Turkish Cangal
Anatolian Shepherd Dog (Kangal)
English mastiff
English mastiff
English Setter
English Setter
Photo: Argentinean dog
Argentinean dog
Afghan hound
Afghan hound
White Swiss Shepherd
White Swiss Shepherd
Great Swiss Mountain Dog
Bernese Mountain Dog
Bobtail, dog breed photos
Photo of a Mountain Dog
Great Swiss Mountain Dog
Photo: Bullmastiff
Boerboel photo
Photo: Weimaraner
Weimaraner (Weimar)
Photo: Welsh Terrier
Welsh terrier (welsh terrier)
Hungarian Vigil
Hungarian vyzhla, or Hungarian
Hungarian kuvas or just kuvas
Hungarian kuvas
Photo: East Siberian Laika
East Siberian Laika
Photo: East European Shepherd Dog
East European Shepherd
Greyhound (English Greyhound)
Grünendahl (Belgian Shepherd)
Grünendahl (Belgian Shepherd)
Dirhound - Greyhound
Doberman with the ball
Deutsch draathaar
Drathaar or German toothed coin
Golden retriever
Golden retriever
Irish Wolfhound
Irish Wolfhound
Irish Red Setter
Irish Red Setter
Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Photo: Cane Corso
Cane Corso
Photo: Leonberger
Photo: Mastino Poleetano
Mastino, or Neapolitan mastiff
Photo: Moscow watchdog
Moscow watchdog
Photo: German Shepherd
German Shepherd
Photo: Great Dane
German dog
Photo: Polish Podgalyanskaya Shepherd Dog
Polish Podgalyanskaya Shepherd Dog
Photo: Pointer
Photo by kang di agua. Portuguese Water Dog
Portuguese Water Dog
Giant Schnauzer, a giant schnauzer
Giant Schnauzer (giant schnauzer)
Photo of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Photo: Rottweiler
Photo: Russian Pergamon Hound
Russian Hound
Photo: Russian hound greyhound
Russian hound greyhound
Photo: St. Bernard
St. Bernard
Photo: Siberian Husky
Siberian husky
Photo: Snows (slug, Arabian greyhound)
The ducks (sluggies, Arabian greyhound)
Photo: Central Asian Shepherd (Alabai)
Central Asian Shepherd (Alabai)
Photo: Thai Ridgeback
Thai Ridgeback
Photo: Tervuren
Photo: Tibetan Mastiff
Tibetan mastiff
Tosa-inu, Tosa-ken, Japanese mastiff
Photo: Hovawart
Russian Black Terrier
Black Terrier
Czechoslovakian wolfhound
Czechoslovakian wolfhound
Photos Scottish Setter Gordon
Scottish Setter (Gordon)
South Russian Shepherd Dog Photo
South Russian Shepherd Dog


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