My dog ​​history (part 4)


Dusya - the simulator

Until the time of injury, Arta generally tried not to overload herself in work, but to eat and sleep - it's always, it's with dear soul! In the race I did not at all strive to get ahead, but I followed along without deviations. On the cross often liked to "bite". The section between the athletics barrier and the "deaf" fence was overcome by the dog with a look as if she were going to fall asleep.

I had to use "military" cunning. When Arty approached the "deaf" fence, on its top from the opposite side abruptly appeared "offender" and started "teasers" with a sleeve. At the detention of the "offender" she worked perfectly, so in the attack on the "deaf" fence at the sight of the assistant was with great pleasure. Well, without him - well, ooooochen slow!

After the injury, I was training at first "on the teeth." The pain was strong, but youth, youth ...! Interestingly, I began to notice signs of incomprehensible "trauma" in my dog ! Like we train normally, the process goes according to plan, and suddenly Dusya starts limping, often breathing, in general, in every possible way shows me that she is very unwell. I puzzled over the causes of such sharp changes in her state of health, but in reality everything was very simple. On one of the trainings we jointly worked out the "low" start and the overcoming of the athletics barrier.

After completing two series of exercises, Dusya suddenly limped. Well, what can you do? He took her to the tent, carefully laid, saying: "Have a nice rest, dear!", And he went to the clubhouse for water. I reported about what had happened to Natalia Lunkina, who, having abandoned all her business, hurried to my dog.

Inspected her long enough and carefully, while Dusya frankly "suffered" with the veterinarian. Feeling all the ligaments, muscles, listening to the heart rate and checking the pulse, Natalia, spreading her hands, told me: "I do not understand anything, everything is alright, most likely, overwork ...". Leaving the dog to rest, I started studying with the youth, quietly got carried away and sad thoughts retreated.

Returning back, I was literally dumbfounded: in the sight of my dog ​​the puppies started some fun game, and Arta literally jumped on all four paws at the same time, trying to enter into communication with the youth. Like this! I stood and continued to watch my "traumatic" dog perform quite technical sports moves. And then she noticed me. Then all her fervor was extinguished and she grunted and quickly settled down ... My scream: "Dusya, yes you are mowing !!!", probably scared away all the alive in a kilometer around. That's how we got training, that's the kind of work that was going on.

Natalia Lunkina with Arta
Natalia Lunkina with Arta (exhibition in Vitebsk, autumn of 1986)

Attack of Judge Arta ...

Meanwhile, the events of the cynological life in the region developed in their own way. At the championship of the republic, the leadership of the Brest regional club of service dog breeding decided to send its team, without conducting preliminary qualifying regional competitions.

As a result of these club "showdowns" our athletes faced a poor choice - participation in competitions at their own expense (travel, food, etc.). Most, naturally, decided not to go. If it were not for my injury, I would still participate, even at my own expense, but ... The leadership of our club, as it could, calmed the athletes, it was decided to hold a "local" championship.

Naturally, the scale was not the same, but still ... As a result of the competition, Arta and I took the second place. As always, there was not enough speed on the strip. In this kind of program Dusya pretty amused spectators and participants. From the start, we "left" seemingly simultaneously, calmly and confidently "taking" the athletics barrier, I begin to move to the "deaf" fence and suddenly I hear incomprehensible cries of spectators.

Serega, gesticulating desperately, shows me somewhere behind my back. I looked to the left, where by all rules my dog ​​should have been, but for some reason it was not there. Looking back, I was stunned ... Arta actively tried to "attack" the starter judge, who, with a stool facing him, defended himself against an unauthorized attack. The audience groaned with laughter, but the judge, apparently, was unsweetened, without a dress suit with one stool.

Apparently, for my dog, the shot signaled the detention of the "offender" instead of starting to overcome the obstacle course. As I was later told by eyewitnesses, after the shot Art ran beside me exactly a couple of meters, then abruptly turned around and "flew" to the judge.

For the athlete, according to the rules of the competition, 30 seconds were given to return the dog to the obstacle course. We barely made it this time, the dog "threw" the starter and returned to me, by the way, surprisingly quickly. But precious seconds were lost, had to catch up.

      Sports season 1988

     The end of July 1988 in Piske turned out to be stuffy and hot. The thermometer rarely fell below 27-28 degrees. Bright billboards throughout the city invited Piñchans and visitors to the city stadium DOSAAF to witness an amazing and exciting spectacle - the championship of the Brest region in the summer all-around with service dogs.

These competitions were very responsible for the team of the Pinsk club of official dog breeding, in fact they were qualifying for participation in the championship of the BSSR, which was held in Minsk in August. Our team was quite numerous, everyone wanted to get into qualifying regional competitions, so the training was conducted very carefully. On the day, at least two training sessions were conducted directly at the stadium using the obstacle course, in the forest park area, cross-country and cross-country training was conducted in conjunction with the detention of the "offender".

The management of the training process was carried out by the club's director Grigory Kopeles, the second coach was me. To say that it was difficult and difficult is not to say anything. In fact, I also prepared my Artu, I also coached adults and young people in parallel.

In general, the work was sufficient, by the evening all literally fell from the feet. But how it was all exciting and interesting! Thanks to the professionalism and great organizational talent of G. Kopeles, the excellent veterinary support of N.Lunkina, well, I will not be modest, my efforts, purposeful trainings and the athletes' compliance with the regime, the team prepared for the competitions at a high level.

I note that by 1988, significant changes were made to the program of the competitions. The shooting exercise (MB-2A) was conducted from now on in a closed dash, without the presence of a dog next to the athlete-trainer, the athlete was entitled to work 10 shots at a target from a distance of 50 meters.

The program included a new type - swimming in the pool for a distance of 100 meters (without a dog). The innovation was a cross on the terrain with a dog (next to the athlete on a leash or without - on personal desire) to a distance of 1500 meters for men and 1000 meters for women and juniors.

At the championship of the BSSR, Minsk, 1988
I'm with Arta at the championship of the BSSR, Minsk, 1988

At the finish of the distance after a short interruption, the sportsman and the dog performed an exercise to detain the "offender". No change was left to one type of program: the athlete and dog overcome the obstacle course 300 meters long, consisting of the following elements: athletics barrier, "blind" fence, ladder, grenade launcher, crawl area, trench, boom.

All the projectiles of the obstacle course the athlete has overcome together with the dog. A great help in preparing our team for these responsible competitions was given to us by the city committee of DOSAAF. A stationary obstacle course was installed on the territory of the DOSAAF stadium.

The day came for the start of the competition. On the eve, we met the Brest team, who arrived by an enlarged staff of 17 people. And the Pinchans did not lag behind, our team included 16 athletes. The first type of the program was a cross-country race. The distance was not very difficult, the first half stretched to a small hill, the second, respectively, led the athlete with the dog on a gentle descent to the long-awaited finish line.

The conditions for the competitors were excellent, but ... if not for the heat. On that day, the thermometer rose to 27 degrees. I was very worried about Artu (how would she feel in her black "coat"?). Before the start, which we had to wait a very long time (after the draw, we were the last, before us, our skills and forces at the distance were demonstrated first by juniors, then by women, and after them - welcome to "one and a half", guys!

While waiting for their turn, I had to pour water on Dusya, I tried to keep her in the shade, but she still did not want to behave calmly. Where can you sit here, when almost immediately after crossing the distance cross the dogs at the command of the athletes were measured by the forces in the detention of the "offender"? There was a continuous gambling barking around, Arta, naturally, did not lag behind. By the time of our start, Dusya was making some kind of intricate grunting.

And here is the long-awaited shot of the starter judge and we rushed forward. More precisely, I rushed, Arta ran strictly next to me, not a single step behind, but also in no way trying to help me (according to the conditions of the competition, athletes were allowed to periodically give the dogs the "Forward" command). Someone was lucky - the dogs literally "pulled" on themselves athletes. Someone was lucky ... but clearly not me. Well, my dog ​​did not want to act as a "boatman"!

But nothing, in the end, I had to justify my title of candidate for master of sports in athletics. That's half the distance passed, a 180-degree turn, "went home" in the opposite direction. Dusya, panting, breathing beside me, I do not look any better, the hot air is clearly not enough, the heat, and there's still detention ... Suddenly a motorbike engine roared from us in the forest belt and a rocker flew out onto the road, the outline of the figure Which seemed to me vaguely familiar. But what happened to the dog !?

In training with Arta in Pinsk
In training with Arta in Pinsk, 1988

Arta literally jumped in place and rushed to the chase with an unprecedented speed. The rest of the distance we covered literally in one breath, the motorcyclist disappeared somewhere, from the speed in my eyes there were tears and I practically did not see anything ... After crossing the finish line, Dusya did not wait for the rest time, seeing the "offender", without the command Went to detention. It was, what to see! The dressing suit literally cracked, as if there was no dog behind the 1,5-kilometer cross. According to the rules of the competition, athletes with dogs played prizes in each kind of program. As a result, for the cross and detention we have for two - the first place.

The program of the qualifying competitions did not include shooting and swimming this time. Thus, all bets were made to overcome the obstacle course. This kind of program was planned for the next competition day. And this day has come ... Such competitions for inhabitants of a city, undoubtedly, were in a novelty though with separate exercises from the program the Pińcane had an opportunity to get acquainted on demonstration performances before dog shows.

And the Pinchans came to the stadium, but how !!! This number of spectators collected this sports facility, perhaps, only in the summer of 1986 during the European motoball championship - all seats were occupied. Athletes trainers with their dogs literally made spectators admire and be surprised. This sport came to taste and new lovers of dogs were drawn to the club. On the obstacle course, almost all the athletes performed without failures, Arta and I took the third place in this kind of program, and in the end - the overall second. The way to the championship of the republic was opened ...

Minsk met us not so friendly and comfortable, as we met Brest residents (accommodation in apartments, keeping dogs in departmental cages, three meals a day free of charge, etc.). At the disposal of athletes and dogs for housing was given a forest edge near the city stadium DOSAAF "Dawn". Athletes lived in their tents, they fed themselves.

Venues for the competitions by types of the program were scattered throughout the city: a shooting gallery in the park "50 years of the USSR", a swimming pool in the Palace of Water Sports, an obstacle course - at the stadium at Filimonov Street. Participants got to the places of competition by private transport (the benefit of all the teams arrived in Minsk using the DOSAAF technique, for example, we were allocated a magnificent KAMAZ with a tent for the trip). With the cross and detention was lucky.

The venue for this kind of competition is located in the forest next to the "camp of residence". At these competitions, we performed exactly, as they say, "not grabbing the stars," taking the overall fifth place. As always, there were "events". "Violator" appeared before the participants of the competition in a somewhat unusual form - it was not familiar to the dogs "quilted coat" - a dressing suit!

Shorts, T-shirt, protective sleeve on one hand and stack in the other. As a result, more than half the dogs refused to detain. But Dusya did not disappoint. Initially, at the sight of such a "rival", she quite significantly reduced the attack speed, then, like "sideways" bypassed the "offender" around, again repeated her maneuver (had to give several additional commands), but then nevertheless grabbed the sleeve ...

East European Shepherd Dogs in Pinsk
German (East European) Shepherds, Pinsk, service dog club, December 1986, (ARTA extreme right)

Often I think, my sports and cynological career has developed or not developed, and I come to a conclusion that all the same has developed. I do not regret my "coaching" coaching. Working with children required total dedication, I was fond of it, there were many talented guys and dogs, no doubt, these years were among the best. Nearing the end of the summer of 1988, my work in Pinsk was over. Ahead was the new cynological stage of my life - an urgent service with Arta in the internal troops ...


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