Beagle breed description and character

Бигль описание, описание породы бигль

The beagle has every reason to be considered a domestic dog.

It is small, with short hair, cleanliness. But first of all, he is kind. He can become an indefatigable companion for games to children or a good friend for the elderly. Like all hunting dogs, he needs to move. But this is not enough for a small garden.

In the house, the adult dog behaves calmly, without creating any problems. While he is young, his leprosy will be replaced by one another. But he always knows how to ask forgiveness: he looks at you with sad eyes. To really get angry with him is almost impossible.

With all his appearance, he seems to say: "I apologize." And this makes even the coldest hearts melt away. Needless to say, the dog often shamelessly controls us. The world is full of beagles who learned to use a whole gamut of views, with one sole purpose - to eat the master with giblets. If we do not want the beagle to become a full-fledged master of the family, we must be very careful not to let him get used to getting everything he wants, if we do not stand under his gaze. But look at the other side, and although sometimes we will show rigor and inflexibility.

Beagle is a bloodhound and therefore he even with his head down should tirelessly run long distance trot. The structure of the neck, the width of the chest, the structure of the bones and muscles of the limbs affect these abilities. Even when small, the beagle remains an athlete. And this means that he should not get too fat, and his owners should not give in to his languid look, which he begs for an extra tidbit.

Precisely because it is small, the beagle is very easy to grow fat, if you do not limit it in eating and do not take care of permanent physical exercises. What kind of character should a bloodhound have? First of all, it must be adapted to life in a group. Dogs that work in the pack can not be snooty and aggressive. Otherwise, they would all the time sorilis instead of thinking about game. And as a result, the concept of the best dog is closely related to its ability to live in a pack.

All bloodhounds have the inclination to peacefully coexist with other dogs. But this feature depends on how the puppy was raised. A dog that is in the position of a single child and has little contact with other dogs does not go well with people around. But this is entirely the fault of the owner, who, because of fear of harming the health of the dog, breaks down her character. Beagle is small, but it's not a porcelain figurine.

On the contrary, it is unpretentious, strongly harmonious dog. He can not get injured in games with his own kind, because his compact and durable structure allows him to face the more cruel enemy body in the hull without any problems. But if you have any doubts, let me play your beagle, at least with dogs of his own size. An important feature of the bloodhound's character is the ability to communicate with others. Do not let this go against the nature of the dog. Remembering the hunting essence of the beagle, you must enable your pet to hunt in the open area, even if you dislike such activities.

Beagle loves to follow the trail , make his way through the bushes, put his nose in the holes. It is not necessary that his escort should have a gun on his shoulders. For him, the process of hunting is important, even if it does not culminate in catching prey. If the beagle easily comes into contact with dogs and people, he most likely will be able to make friends with other animals: cats, horses. If he gets to know them as a puppy, they can become good companions for games or for recreation. And so beagle - the snoop.

Should you abandon it if you live in the city and you do not even have a small garden? Not necessary. Of course, if you truly love this breed, you should not force the dog to a sedentary lifestyle. Beagle, who gets fat on the pillows, is not only not cheerful, but also potentially ill. We already said: it is important to remember that the athlete should never grow stout.

His spine is not adapted to excessive weight . Under his weight, he bends. Straight limbs can bend, the liver can not cope with additional loads. If you think that a city dog should never leave the house, then you better look for another breed. If you are located to take the dog out of town at any convenient opportunity, if you can walk or bike on a daily basis, then you have every right to keep this breed. A small beagle can stay in shape even under moderate physical exertion.

But the load must be. Let u be not constant. If he spent a lot of energy on the air, then at home he will be calm and restrained. But this does not mean that it will be obedient and easily manageable. Someone will say that the beagle is a big stubborn, very naughty. But his independence, bordering on stubbornness, is just a character trait of a bloodhound. A dog that depends on a person and is unable to take the initiative can not be a good hunter.

Think about what would happen if she each time waited for the owner's permission to turn right or left if she was afraid of losing contact with the person and staying with him. Such a bloodhound would like only the hares. But it is impossible that the sheep should be whole and the wolves are full.

The strength of character and persistence , irreplaceable in hunting, are not very good in the house. Fortunately, you can handle this. Bloodhounds, accustomed to the pack, have their own hierarchy. A bead for a beagle is the same flock to which wild animals gather.

Therefore, within the pack, the same hierarchical relations are established. Above all is the leader, to whom everyone obeys unconditionally. Behind that goes the middle class. And the last one is the bottom layer, which is never considered.

At first, watching the beagle pack, you might think that among them there is no hierarchy, so peacefully they get along with each other. Nevertheless, it is. But only an attentive observer will be able to discern when the hierarchical division begins, because it manifests itself more in the game, rather than in a fight. Like other bloodhounds, beagles, young, play a lot among themselves. So they manage to determine who is stronger physically and in character.

In the family the same picture. For the beagle, the family is a school with a clear hierarchical division. As a result, if the master copes with the role of the leader, the beagle will obey him. But, if the host is perceived as being equal or standing at a lower level, the beagle will not even think of obeying him. Becoming a leader is not easy, but still you can. It's enough to show that you can be trusted, that you are determined, confident and consistent. With a languid look or not, if the dog is mischievous, it must be punished. If you listen, you should encourage her.

Recall that the dog is straightforward, and believes, once she was allowed to do something once, then this can always be done. Here is an example from life. If you allowed a puppy to sleep on a bed, then after growing up, he will not change his habit. Asking to get off it now means to fall in his eyes. Another important test is who obeys whom. How many times have you had to stand at attention, when he asked to feed him, pat, play with him.

If you want to look like a leader in the eyes of your beagle, you must change the situation. For example, when he asks to pet him, order him to sit and caress only when he obeys. Thus, hierarchical relationships are established, and the beagle becomes more manageable, although it will never become a robot by the dog, because it contradicts its nature. Beagle has iron health. He practically has no weaknesses, unless he becomes obese and his breed does not have its own special diseases.

However, it is worth paying more attention to his ears, especially if you often take him out of town. Burying his nose in the ground, it's easy to collect dirt and debris. And so after such walks it is necessary to check and clean the ears. If physically the beagle resembles a small tank, then from a mental point of view, it can be weak, especially if it's the only dog in the house. Dogs born to live in the pack, remaining without tribesmen, are firmly attached to the owner. This can lead to such a mental problem as the fear of separation.

This syndrome can cause stress in the dog, which manifests itself in various forms. She can nibble everything, arrange a toilet in the house every time she stays alone. You have to accustom the beagle to the idea that you can not always be at his disposal and do not pay attention to his protests whatever they are. But if you notice that your beagle can not tolerate loneliness, you have two options: to stay all day with him or find him a friend. This idea should not frighten you.

Of course, having one dog is a big concern. But a pair of animals of this size: clean and affectionate requires no more attention to themselves than one dog. One beagle, two, many - this has already happened to many and will continue to happen. The charm of a little bloodhound is such that even those who can not tolerate hunting sometimes find themselves surrounded by a small pack in their own garden. How not to yield, when beagle asks for love and affection.

Perhaps this is not the best dog in the world. Not the smallest, not the most tender, not the most intelligent. But it is true that this is the great conqueror of the world. And he knows it.


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