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Дикая собака динго: необычная собака из Австралии

Wild dog dingo: an unusual dog from Australia

Features of the dingo: whether it is possible to tame a dog. The history of the appearance of the breed and the features of its cultivation. Brief review of "The Tale of the First Love."
Спасение олененка

Salvation of a fawn in Long Island - the feat of a golden retriever

The owner and his dog strolled along the beach, discovering a sinking deer in the water. The Golden Retriever saved the animal, and the owner filmed the heroic process
Дома для собак от мировых дизайнеров

Houses for dogs from world designers for 200 thousand dollars

Innovative houses for dogs are real cottages equipped with the latest technology. Unique design, features and cost
Живут собаки

The bill of "responsible handling of animals" - is everything so perfect?

The new bill has generated a lot of questions and protests among animal advocates. Features and pitfalls
Выставка такс в Санкт-Петербурге

Traditional exhibition of taxes in St. Petersburg

A large-scale parade of dogs in the garden of the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Features of the parade.
Ученные нашли взаимосвязь между мутациями черепа собак и развитием болезни брахицефалии у человека

Dog research reveals the mystery of brachycephaly in humans

Scientists have found the relationship between mutations of the skull of dogs and the development of brachycephaly in humans. A general factor is the change in the SMOC2 gene
Спасательная операция на Херсонщине

Rescue operation in the Kherson region - how to release a pack of dogs from a concrete "bag"

In the Kherson region a flock of dogs fell into a deep cleaning structure. Details and results of the rescue operation.
Память собак

Studying the memory of dogs - four-legged animals have more opportunities than they thought

Studies of the memory of dogs are the main types and mechanism of their functioning. The grandiose discoveries of American scientists.
Смешные фото собак

Expressive portraits of dogs from Elke Vogelsang

Elke often publishes photographs of both homeless people and simply foreign dogs from the most unusual and interesting angles
Собаки на Евровидении 2017

Dogs - as a barrier of protection at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Teams of dog handlers with dogs will be on call during the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Features of the planned security measures

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