Australian Silky Terrier - Breed description and photo

Австралийский шелковистый терьер The Australian silky terrier is one of the smallest working dogs. It is used as a shepherd, guard, hunter for the predatory beast, snakes and rodents, and also simply as a companion. He is an indefatigable toiler on the farm and a sensitive watchman. Find out more about the Australian Silky Terrier breed, read the description ✅, see photo ✅.

Despite the small size, this dog is very brave. He is an industrious and devoted friend, an indispensable assistant on the farm and a friendly pet in the house.

Australian Silky Terrier

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Security features
The size
Attitudes towards children

History of the breed

These hunting dogs were bred in the 19th century in Australia. It happened from several English terriers, in particular, the core-terrier and yorkshire terrier , which the settlers brought to the new continent. The breed was called in different ways: both a rough-haired terrier and a woolly coat.

The appearance of the dog also changed in order to get a small but brave hunter and watchman. In Europe, the breed was recognized only in the first half of the 20th century and spreads around the world quite slowly.


It is a dog of strong build, squat, dense, but of small stature. Height at the withers does not exceed 26 cm, weight - up to 6.5 kg.

Her exterior is slightly stretched, her appearance is unassuming and rude. Long head with a flat forehead. Ears are erect, dark eyes, black nose.

Long coarse straight hair covers the dog with the exception of the tail, hind legs and the very bottom of the limbs. On the vertex you can see a soft crest.

Color sand, dark gray, tawny with a blue cap, as well as black or silver with a tan on his head and paws.

Character of the Australian Terrier

They are energetic and inquisitive, get along with other pets and dogs, do not show aggression to cats.

The Australian terrier is supportive of children, but it is wary of strangers, although without provocation, it will not behave aggressively. Sensing the stranger, they just start barking, telling the owner about their find. It is better not to leave the dog for a long time alone, otherwise it will find a job that may not suit the hosts.

He is trained quickly, but classes must be held in a variety of ways so that the dog does not begin to restrain himself from boredom. This breed must necessarily pass a course of obedience and ensure early socialization. When training, it makes no sense to use physical strength and screams, this dog loves encouragement and praise.

They are friendly and cheerful animals, affectionate and accommodating with the owner, but, at times, pugnacious with other dogs. They are affectionate and with the hosts' guests, demanding attention to themselves.

Maintenance and care

Австралийский шелковистый терьер The Australian silky (silky) terrier has a stiff and straight coat with a soft thick undercoat. The long coat of the dog is quite long and protects the dog from the weather. It should be combed several times a week, and every three months it is desirable to trim . Then there will not be wool in the house. If desired, you can cut hair around the ears and eyes.

To bathe a dog is better than very rare and extremely mild shampoo. This is a very active dog and with the housing maintenance it needs a serious physical load and long walks, sports training and games.

You can keep an Australian terrier on the territory of a country house, but in this case the site should be well fenced.

These dogs are quite healthy. Their life expectancy reaches 15 years. Although this breed has a tendency to certain diseases. For example, it is epilepsy, diabetes, dysplasia of the knee cap, various types of skin disease, thyroid problems.

Price of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles It is difficult to buy a puppy of the Australian silky terrier in Russia. Outside the homeland, these dogs are bred very little. Because the cost of such a baby will be quite high - from $ 1000.

Photo of the Australian dragon snail


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