Australian Shepherd: description and photos of the breed

Photo: Australian Shepherd
Photo: Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd (or Aussie, Aussie) was originally bred as a working dog for the farmer, and a good companion for the owner and his family. And now it is at the same time an excellent shepherd and a wonderful companion. She likes to work and is happy just to be near the owner.

Australian Shepherd

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Security features
The size
Attitudes towards children

Puppies Australian Shepherd were obtained through a complex crossing of sheepdogs Collies and Pyrenean sheep dogs and to Australia had nothing to do. The breed was bred in the USA in the 20th century.

These comprehensively developed working shepherds across the whole of America are actively used to work with livestock, goats, sheep and even poultry. The breed is very popular with small farmers because they need such an assistant dog and at the same time they do not have enough work to continuously take on a larger dog, such as the Caucasian sheepdog or Alabai. That is why the Australian Shepherd has a dual purpose: a shepherd and a companion. In America and many other countries, this shepherd is in the service of rescuers.


It is a well-balanced, strong dog, muscular, but flexible, of medium size . Its height reaches a maximum of 58 cm, weight is not more than 32 kg.

The head is powerful, the muzzle is a little short, the nose can be hepatic or black, depending on the color of the coat.

The eyes of almond-shaped can be any combination of colors, with marbling or speckles.

The ears are semistable, of moderate size.

The tail of the Australian Shepherd is straight or by nature short-cropped.

The Australian sheepdog is also called a blue dog because of its color. Her wool is of moderate length and stiffness. Color can be black, red with tan marks, blue-merle, red. All colors can have copper or white marks, and possibly both.

Character of the Australian Shepherd

Австралийская овчарка
Photo: Australian Shepherd

These dogs are famously controlled by livestock, and for this they need to know a lot of teams. Therefore, the "Australians" are very intelligent and well trained, like to please the master and at the same time, like all shepherds, are able to make independent decisions.

They are friendly with all dogs, they behave well at exhibitions, are friends with other dogs and pets, get on well with children .

Nevertheless, with the aliens, the Australian Shepherd will behave quite restrained and watchful.

If such a dog is not used to work with livestock, it needs her energy and mind to be involved somewhere.

Therefore, when the content of Aussie at home, it must be trained for obedience, regularly loaded with training with various shells, occupy exhibition activities, games, sports (Frisbee, ski and bike-joring). In their company you can jog, ride a bike, swim, go hiking and picnics.

If the dog grows in a house with children, it quickly becomes their partner in games.
Young dogs in the first year of life need more training than adults.

Maintenance and care

The coat of the Australian Shepherd has a moderate length and therefore needs regular combing so that there are no collars. You can not bathe it more than once every two to three months. Regularly, you need to trim your claws and wipe your ears.

When keeping a dog in an apartment, it needs to provide about 2-3 hours per day active paddock with games and sports training. When keeping an Australian Shepherd in a country house, she needs to be given the opportunity to freely move around a large area.

It should be borne in mind that dogs with red color or burn marks do not tolerate staying in the open sun and their activities should be conducted in the shade or after the sun bends to the sunset.

Prices for puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles In Russia, there are no more than fifty dogs of this breed. All of them are from the litter of "champions" and therefore their puppies are rather expensive "pleasure". Prices for them range from 1200 to 1500 dollars .

Photo of the Australian Shepherd


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