Character and description of the English Bulldog

Бульдог, английский бульдог, описание породы, характер, отношение к детям

The character of the English bulldog, like its appearance is absolutely unique.

First of all, it should be noted that in a good bulldog and today there are all the characteristics that made this breed a legend for all time.

The most striking features of the character of the English bulldog is boundless courage , which even today makes him accept a challenge from anyone, even a much stronger opponent than himself.

The English bulldo is an exceptional force imprisoned in his mighty, though not very large body. English bulldog - is the resistance to pain, allowing him, without batting an eye to suffer the most monstrous pain, which creates the impression that he is insensitive to it. In addition to these generic features, today's bulldog has a number of new remarkable qualities.

For example, the love of children who earned him the nickname of a nanny dog ​​in England, careful attitude to the weakest, whether elderly or petty pets, open sympathy for the guests and friends of the family. Another feature of the English bulldog is that he needs a minimal space and thanks to his innate laziness, he is content with very short walks.

In addition, the host does not need much effort to make him move. Thus, the English bulldog is ideally suited for living in an apartment, where it will not cause you any inconvenience, even if the space is very limited. Seeing with what kindness an English Bulldog treat all around, especially to children, how patiently he brings living conditions in an apartment where he is forced to remain locked up for a long time, we will nevertheless make a mistake if we consider that we are dealing with a weak-willed mug.

In fact, an English bulldog is a very serious dog. It used to be used as a fighting dog and the soft features of its character indicate its strength, not weakness. English Bulldog is not aggressive, because he is fully confident in his abilities. If he shows such indulgence in communicating with the weakest, then only that he is perfectly able to distinguish friends from enemies.

The English bulldog never attacks first, but if he is forced to fight, he does it to the conscience and sorrow of someone who dares to threaten his masters and home. God forbid, if someone's behavior seems to contain a challenge, because the English bulldog has an invincible power and a ruthless grip that is not inclined to unclench. So an imprudent aggressor, at best, will have to postpone the imposition of several stitches.


  1. Owned the French Bulldog 13.8 years, barely suffered a loss! I'm looking at English! What do you recommend to pay attention to?


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