American Bulldog: a description of the breed with photos

The American Bulldog is a strong medium-sized dog. See the description of the breed, the nature of the dog, photo. How to choose and where to buy a bulldog puppy?

Фото американского бульдога
Photo: American Bulldog

American Bulldog - the embodiment of power and dignity

The American Bulldog breed is one of the most unique dog breeds that exist in the world. And the uniqueness lies in the fact that after their appearance these dogs managed to almost completely preserve and "convey" their appearance and all the characteristics to our days. The American Bulldog is the oldest and closest relative of the famous English Bulldog.

The outward appearance of this dog simply "screams" that it is intended for protection, whether it is huge territory and property or human protection. And in combination with an excellent "American" flair, this bulldog can become an excellent and dexterous hunter for wild boars and foxes, and also as a search dog in the police.

Американский бульдог The American bulldog at first sight causes trust and respect. He is immaculately complex, his athletic body is strong and dexterous. Sometimes there is a feeling that the ambul itself knows everything about itself: how clever, unique and vigilant it is. His appearance is simultaneously proud, formidable, confident, exudes an incredible dignity. He is very distrustful of all strangers, behaving coldly even with close acquaintances. But to the members of his family, his owner, the ambulance gives all his love, respect and devotion. Having seen this bulldog at least once, it is impossible to tear it away from it, and often it remains forever in the heart. The beauty, intelligence, dedication and loyalty of the American bulldog was appreciated even by Leo Tolstoy. His pet with a funny nickname Bulka was black and only his paws were white. This dog was in Tolstoy's time of his youth, when he served as an officer. But, despite the prescription of time, Tolstoy devoted a couple of decades to his bulldog a whole series of short stories that were included in the "Third Russian Book for Reading." Tolstoy described with rapture the boldness of Bulka, his stubbornness and strength, and with great regret he writes how his Wolf Bully suddenly bitten on a hunt, after which he became infected with rabies, fled from his master and died nearby in the forest.

As for the modern celebrities, all the delights of this breed were appreciated by both domestic stars and foreign ones. A. Rozenbaum, V. Livanov, M. Aronova, as well as Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon and other celebrities gave their preference and presented their love to the American bulldog.

History of occurrence

Американский бульдог There are reports that claim that the very first bulldogs appeared on the land of the "New World" in the far 18th century. They arrived there with their migrant masters. This event dates back to 1733. At that time, the inhabitants of England rapidly populated the lands of the "redskins", acquired pastures, farms and huge herds of various cattle. Farmers more than ever needed a reliable, loyal and strong guard, in whose role the bulldog acted. He perfectly coped with the task in hand and was an irreplaceable watchman, a guard, as well as a hunter and even a shepherd.

Американский бульдог It should be noted that these bulldogs were not yet American. They even looked a little like Old English exquisite bulldogs. It was a large-sized dog, with a long muzzle, athletic, hardy, hardworking, incredibly fast and bold. Their fighting qualities and courage, they were able to show well at the time when there were many bipedal and four-legged bandits and robbers. After that, the appearance of the dog changed a little, here the role was played both by nature and living conditions, and possible crossings with other breeds.

It is noteworthy that the farmers of that time paid little attention to the appearance of the bulldog. They were more interested in his official qualities. But as soon as the bulldog was exhibited at the first dog show in the 80s of the 20th century, it instantly made a splash among spectators and dog breeders. Everyone was amazed and surprised by the perfect combination of bulldog power and impressiveness, impressive appearance with its incredible work and service qualities. The American bulldog quickly and, most importantly, is well-deserved, has won the love of numerous breeders and just lovers across America, Europe and in the same Britain.

This breed was paid close attention not only by cynologists and dog breeders, but also by the police, as well as by the military department. And, as it turned out, it was not in vain. After all, for such a service it was impossible to find a more suitable candidate than an American bulldog. They are smart, obedient, circumspect, hardy, with incredible flair, calm, strong and confident.

As for Russia, here the ambulance first appeared only in the late 20th century. Namely in 1992-1993. "Dashing 90s", times of perestroika and change are the peak of their popularity among the Russian population. Today, the number of American bulldogs on the territory of our country has increased to 40 thousand. And the number of fans of this unique breed is growing rapidly.

General description of the breed

Американский бульдог Power, uncompromising, temperament and reliability are the main terms that come to mind when mentioning an American bulldog. His becoming, watchful look and proud posture will not leave anyone indifferent. It is worth noting that such a dog just needs a master who must match it. Ambula is not enough to just love, you need to be with him "on the same wavelength."

Appearance of this bulldog "American" causes trust and respect. He has a muscular and strong body, he is very mobile. Despite the average height and not too much weight, this dog will be an excellent bodyguard and a guard. But if you are looking for a reliable, loyal and faithful companion, then he is ready to become one. It's not for nothing that this breed is called the "bulldog of all bulldogs". This is a unique dog that will find its place in any family and anywhere.

There is an opinion that the American bulldog is the only dog ​​in the world that managed to retain all the features of its ancestor, that is, the Old English bulldog. A few centuries later, the ambulance remains the same as it was in the 17-18 century.

His fighting qualities and endurance began to be cultivated even in those times when he was only a farm dog. The Bulldog blew with the bulls, and as a result of these battles, he became stronger, more patient and selfless. If there is a need, the ambul is ready to fight for its master and members of his family until the last, he will stand to death, ready to give his life for his biped friend, but he will never give up and throw in trouble.

What is the nature of the ambulance?

Американский бульдог The most important character trait of an American bulldog, because of which there may be minor difficulties and problems - is his superiority over other four-legged, and especially over the dogs. And if the bulldog is also invited to be in the same house with a dog of the same sex, then just wait for the disaster. He does not tolerate even a hint of competition and is ready to rush into battle instantly, even if there is no threat.

All this "warms up" Bulldog's obstinacy and unwillingness to compromise. The bulldog is always right! In this regard, he just needs a strong and confident owner. Otherwise, the dog is able to become the master himself and take the "reins of government" into his paws. After all, the sense of power in her blood.

Despite its formidable appearance, the "Americans" are very friendly, sociable breed with a cheerful character. They are not averse to frolic with the owner or to play with young children. If you properly educate the ambulance and learn how to "tighten" his desire to dominate other animals, they can quite go to contact and communicate with other four-legged pets.

Do not confuse the courage of the ambulance with aggressiveness. A distinctive feature of this dog is also that it can control itself and carefully think through the situation. She never rushes into battle and does not throw out aggression without reason. If they feel danger, it may seem that at this point the dog becomes cold-blooded, but in fact it builds a tactic of behavior and protection. And if the American bulldog regarded the threat, then it would hardly be possible to stop it. He is smart and willful, so he makes all decisions, regardless of the desire of his master.

It is worth noting that due to the unusual mindset, the bulldog is able to distinguish between the degree of threat and also the false finesse. In other words, if the dog protects the property, then it will not be possible to distract it with cunning maneuvers.

And what a pleasure to walk with an ambulance down the street. His patience, calmness, steadiness and extraordinary concentration also play an important role here. The threshold of excitability of the American Bulldog is maximum, therefore, in vain to bark on passers-by and he will not fuss.

Features of education and training

Американский бульдог To train and bring up the "American" must start from the very first days of his appearance in your home. However, this applies to any breed. But, nevertheless, the ambul is a special case. After all, the representatives of this breed - this is the standard of self-control and education, and, despite the fact that these qualities in a bulldog laid nature itself, without the correct participation of a human dog can become an uncontrolled and weak-willed animal.

Some rules and advice are common to all breeds, while others are aimed specifically at the bulldog. Since the ambul likes to dominate, then from the puppy's age he needs to firmly and surely forbid himself to bite. If he still managed to bite you, then immediately the punishment should follow. It can be an easy, but sure shake for the scruff, along with a reprimand.

Американский бульдог Due to the fact that the American Bulldog is known for his power and strength, he must be forbidden to pull the leash during a walk. If you miss this moment with the carapace, then in the future you will only suffer from it. The dog must learn to go level with the owner. Every manifestation of independence must be stopped.

Also, in connection with the strength of the ambulance, he should not be allowed to jump on people, leaning on them with his front paws. Becoming an adult, he can thus knock down a person, and the child and completely traumatize.

And most importantly - the bulldog should be forbidden to fight without reason with other dogs, cats, etc. Even growling and grin must be stopped.

Species and standards of the American Bulldog

To date, there are 2 varieties of American Bulldog:

  1. Classical or Johnson type;
  2. Standard or Scott type.

Американский бульдог They differ in appearance, but most importantly - for their intended purpose. Classic bulldogs are good guards, they have a short snout and a very powerful body. But the standard have an elongated face and a light athletic body, which is great for hunting, tracking down.

The general standard provides for a strong, proportionally folded body. This is a medium-sized dog with short hair. The bulldog's head is large and wide, its muzzle is short. Hanging triangular ears hang on his head. The tail of the ambulance is long enough with a short coat. The "American" distinguishes from others its powerful backbone and developed musculature. Bitches are much smaller than males.

Nose with wide nostrils, the lobe is black or corresponds to the main color. Lips tight, tight fitting, dark color. The eyes of the vestibule are small in size, oval in shape, not convex, widely spaced. The color can be dark brown or corresponds to the main color.

The bulldog's limbs are even, parallel to each other. The skin is thick, and in the region of the neck and head it forms characteristic folds. The length of the coat should not exceed 1.5 cm. The color can be pure white, but other colors of the main tone are also allowed, but the presence of white spots must be mandatory.

The growth of the dog ranges from 58 to 68 cm, females - from 55 to 65 cm.

The weight of a dog varies from 45 to 55 kg, females - from 35 to 50 kg.

How to properly care for and maintain

Американский бульдог The American Bulldog is just that dog that absolutely does not require any special care. Frequent water procedures are vigilantly contraindicated, so you should not bathe more than 2 times a year. It is necessary only occasionally, as far as contamination, to wipe his ears, eyes and nose. Wool should be combed with a special brush at least once a week. Once every 2 months you need to trim the bulldog's claws. For this, the secateurs are perfect.

Most importantly - an American bulldog needs regular and long walks in combination with physical exertion. And keep in mind that for a bulldog, it is not the amount of time you spend for a walk that is important, but the number of kilometers that you will go through with it.

In spite of the fact that "Americans" differ from other relatives of their own by excellent and strong health, they should not be allowed to eat anything. Especially pick up bones and scraps from the floor and on the street. It is better to provide the dog with a balanced dry food with additives and vitamins. You can combine with standard food, for example, a couple of times a week to treat the ambulance with kefir, cottage cheese and fresh meat.

How to choose and where to buy a puppy?

Американский бульдог Have you decided to purchase an American bulldog and want him to become your most loyal and devoted friend? Then, take the choice of a puppy with great responsibility and attention. After all, this stage will be the very first and most important.

The fact that a thoroughbred, thoroughbred dog can be found only in a proven nursery, it is known to all experienced dog breeders. First of all, when you come to the nursery, ask the breeder for a certificate of veterinary examination of each puppy in the litter. It is desirable that the litter was not too large: no more than 6-8 puppies. The ideal age is 1.5-3 months.

Американский бульдог A healthy puppy should be with good shiny hair, clean eyes and ears, and with a moist nose. Choose the most active, fun and sociable bulldog-bulldog. If you notice that the puppy is too cowardly, afraid of every rustle and object or displays excessive aggression, it is better to refuse to purchase such a pet.

A healthy bulldog must be well-fed, not less than 5-6 kg. Watch his appetite, the way he communicates with other puppies, plays. But it happens that the puppy is inactive and not very active. This can not be called a vice, it will pass with time. The most important thing is the sympathy and mutual interest of the future owner and his pet. A small bulldog should be interested in you and willing to make contact. Only in this case you can become true friends.

Price of American Bulldog puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles This is not a very expensive breed of dog . The cheapest puppies without a pedigree cost from 120 dollars . Puppy with a pedigree, but not exhibition and not intended for breeding, on average, is sold for $ 350 . Pedigree and exhibition dogs with good pedigrees are sold for about $ 850 .

Photo of the breed American Bulldog


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