How and how to feed the Alaskan Malamute? Approximate diet

Чем кормить аляскинского маламута

Looking at the size of malamute you might think that it is not easy to feed. However, this is a wrong impression. Malamutes need much less food than other large breeds.

At the same time, one should not allow them to eat constantly. This dog can not stop while a filled bowl is in front of it. And overeating leads not only to obesity , but also to stomach curl . A small malamute up to 1.5 years is always ready to eat, so it is very important not to "regret" the puppy and not overfeed. Feeding by the clock and in a strictly defined quantity should be the first development of discipline for the puppy.

Natural feeding of Alaskan Malamute

Even a small malamute does not need a lot of food and frequent feeding, so up to 4 months of pups are fed three times a day, and then transferred to a two-time meal. An adult dog can be fed once a day after an evening walk. Beginning from one month, the puppy is introduced a varied diet:

  • Raw beef meat,
  • Milk porridge (better rice on goat's milk),
  • Boiled egg.

Кормление аляскинского маламута From 2 months, vegetables are introduced (raw carrots and cucumber, boiled zucchini), other cereals, fruits. In the diet must add vitamins and supplements with calcium content and strengthening of ligaments.

Meat can not be ground in minced meat, but must be cut into pieces, comfortable at a certain age of the dog. Malamute must give fish , it is best to cook sea fish and give boneless. You can also give raw frozen-out sea fish.

Feeding malamute with dry food

For malamute, as a serious working dog, it is not the quantity, but the quality of the feed that is important, so with a dry diet, one must choose high-quality super premium foods . It is worth choosing food marked with the package: "holistic", "natural" or "human-grade" and with the addition of natural vitamin E.

It is better to prefer food in which the source of protein is a lamb, fish, beef or chicken. Malamute is not suitable for feed, in which the first ingredients are grain. Ideally, malamute food should contain different types of proteins (lamb, fish, chicken, beef).

If there is no fish and fish oil in the stool, several times a week it is recommended to add a couple of tablespoons of canned tuna or mackerel to the dog's food. Otherwise malamute may have problems with hair and skin.

When feeding the Alaskan malamute with dry food, dry granules should also be encouraged during training. If you use boiled meat or cheese, the malamute can refuse dry food and go on a hunger strike.


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